/ 6 October 2023

CORRECTION: Zackie Achmat

Zackie Achmat

On 18 May 2018, the Mail & Guardian published an article headlined “NGO’s sexual harassment woes grow”. The article reported on allegations by sources that Zackie Achmat had played a role in concealing various instances of sexual harassment at the NGO, Equal Education. 

This article was accompanied by a front-page photograph of Achmat. After an independent inquiry that cleared Achmat and others, defamation proceedings were brought against the Mail & Guardian by Achmat in late 2018. As of September 2023, the parties have agreed to resolve the matter amicably. Achmat emphatically rejects the allegations because, as he contended at the outset, the evidence presented to the inquiry disproved them. 

Achmat believes media freedom is one of the most important pillars of democracy and the duty to protect credible sources should be inviolable. The Mail & Guardian acknowledges the work done by Achmat in political, social and economic struggles since 1976. As a show of good faith, the Mail & Guardian will make a donation to the South African Depression and Anxiety Group. It is the sincere wish of all involved to place these grievances in the past and draw a line under the dispute.