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Consumers buy cornflakes on credit

As millions join the unemployment ranks, relying on debt to make ends meet becomes more attractive

Black learners can no longer be subjected to the colonial and apartheid mentality

Teacher training programmes need to cultivate a social consciousness to transform a system that abjects black learners

Screen Grab: Deeply shallow

The documentary ‘Seaspiracy’ is a textbook display of disingenuous interviewing

Artivism: a powerful tool for reconciliation

An exhibition with collections from around the world asks us to reflect on mass atrocity to enact a just future

The ANC has moral decay on its plate, and the garnish is bitter

Analysis of news coverage in May shows a governing party that is broke — and bitterly at war with itself

Khaya Sithole: State caught in a precarious balancing act

State-owned entities have to match society’s expectations with harsh economic realities

In the (power) gloom again

The Prince of Darkness is load-shredding us and, with ANC elections ahead, in KZN the guns are coming out

Nuclear powers must stop playing nuclear chess and atomic roulette

The United States, Russia, France, China, the United Kingdom, Pakistan, India, Israel and North Korea are increasing their arsenals

The White House opens a new era of cybersecurity

South Africa, too, is vulnerable to cyber attacks and needs to take steps to secure its digital futur

Editorial: GDP focus trips South Africa up

There is ample evidence that trickle-down economics do not work

Cybersecurity, e-learning and the rise of online student protests

Much of the focus is on how technologies will change the world of work and education, but students are just as likely to use them for other objectives. If not regulated they can undermine upward mobility and the academic project

Bigger than Sharpeville: Story of South Africa’s worst apartheid-era massacre retold

Review: Bloody Sunday: The Nun, the Defiance Campaign and South Africa’s Secret Massacre by Mignonne Breier

Families depend on sugar for life

The government and stakeholders will have to work harder to ensure the industry adapts and thrives

Back to old habits? South African arms exports to Saudi Arabia and the UAE

Does South Africa care more about its own economic interests than the world’s worst humanitarian crisis in Yemen?

Rising PR graduates deserve professional support

Communications industry bodies and agencies have a responsibility to ensure that those starting out in public relations receive the appropriate mentorship they need to succeed and flourish

Regenerative farming is vital to ensure food security

World Environment Day encourages businesses, farmers and manufacturers to develop greener models — for people to consider how they consume

Rights: Should South Africa trade freedom for food?

The constitution delivered in many areas but SA still has a way to go to ensure people’s rights are respected

South Africa’s nationally determined contribution plan for climate change must be more ambitious, say nation’s youth

The pandemic has demonstrated that, when it’s a matter of life and death, we can manage dramatic U-turns in public policy. We must take similarly decisive action now on climate change, rather than later regretting it

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