Improving cross-border trade policy is vital in solving the African food security crisis

Governments need to invest in agricultural and trade infrastructure, better farming methods and in intra-African trade

Women climbing the corporate ladder need good mentorship – from other women

We need to help younger women grow and to handle the difficult situations in workplaces

Rape is endemic in South Africa. Why the ANC government keeps missing the mark

South Africa has one of the highest rape statistics in the world, even higher than some countries at war

Human rights without handicaps: young, black, gay wheelchair user goes for top rights job at the UN

South African activist Eddie Ndopu is in line to be the next UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

I still reap the rewards of my mother’s prayers

So many strong black women are marginalised and forgotten — and their roles seen as expected and natural

Emerging technologies show a clear pathway to ending the age of scarcity

We have all the tools we need to usher in a new era of superabundance but we need to ditch dying industries such as fossil fuel and livestock fast

Women bright sparks needed in electrical and electronic engineering

Girls need to be encouraged to study engineering and companies must change their policies to assist women in the field

Promote agriculture so that more women are landholders and not labourers

The inequality is reflected in the statistics: 60% to 80% of smallholder farmers in sub-Saharan Africa are women but only 15% to 20% have rights over the land

Book extract: ‘A Russian on Commando’ in the Boer War

In January 1900, a young Russian officer, Yevgeny Avgustus, ‘galvanised by the daring of the Boers to take on imperial Britain’, set off to fight in the Second Boer War. A Russian on Commando is his vivid eyewitness account of events on the Natal front and life with the Krugersdorp Commando.

Gender equality is good for everyone

When human capital is more diverse and more representative, companies are more creative, more sustainable and more profitable

Will the ANC’s bones come together to bring it new life?

Analysis of the the resolutions taken at the party’s policy talks show it will take good leadership and bold action to restore the ANC

Why medical research is leaving poor countries behind

Information is collected in wealthy countries and nine out of 10 people in low- and middle-income countries can’t get safe, affordable and timely surgery

Inform people about climate change to reduce conflict, violence with migrants in South Africa

The country is ill-equipped to respond to the devastation caused by the climate crisis and must develop mitigation strategies

Khaya Koko: Please throw a squealing pig at Danny Jordaan and Nathi Mthethwa

When the winning Banyana Banyana team returned, the Safa president and sports minister claimed their share of the victory

Yes, I’m a feminist – Shout it out loud!

Feminism is an unpopular term, but it was the feminists who fought for womxn’s rights and won crucial victories for them

Why anger erupted against the UN peacekeeping force in the DRC

The Monusco’s failure to protect civilians against violent attacks and the lack of action from the government are among the factors fuelling people’s rage

People living with HIV are at high risk of non-communicable diseases

Keeping them healthy necessitates an revolution in health systems and how they are financed, especially in poorer communities

Zama zamas and foreigners the perfect scapegoats as East and West Rand erupt in fiery rage

Zama zamas and foreigners have been made fall guys for the ills in our societies but ultimately politicians will have to take responsibility for their failings