OPINION| How can innovation and technology address social exclusion, equity and poverty?

The need for more research and teaching on innovation and not just research and teaching in innovation is gaining traction

Zimbabwe’s youth caught between patronage and plunder

It is estimated that gold worth $1.5 billion is smuggled annually out of Zimbabwe but this is only the tip of what has led to chronic poverty

OPINION | Genocide: It’s never far away if people are not prepared to stand up and oppose it

Research has shown that more than 150 000 people have been killed, injured, or displaced in xenophobic incidents across South Africa since 1994.

Mr President, we have another state of disaster, and it’s Eskom

The Covid-19 state of disaster response proved how quickly a government can act when it needs to

What comes after the ANC?

We need to reimagine South Africa without the ANC and if we do not, we will either live with false hope or the country’s crisis will intensify

OPINION| Black writers and publishers are South Africa’s ‘linguistic orphans’

The challenges we face in the world of scholarly and leisure reading and writing are not unique to our country but it is crucial to overcome them if we want to be as good as we look in our Constitution

OPINION| Russia-Ukraine war a threat to Africa’s economy

Globally financial markets and supply chains have been disrupted and the price of food and commodities have risen, all of which will have serious implications for countries on the continent

What is at the root of white anxiety in post-apartheid South Africa?

Some white people think any discussion of racism or its legacy is an attempt to shame or condemn them for the ‘sin’ of their whiteness

OPINION| ANC’s socialist thinking is crushing South Africa’s future

The Cold War ended more than three decades ago. That period of history showed that socialism, at a country scale, is unsustainable

OPINION | New UK work visa to exclude graduates from Africa

If graduates did not get their qualifications from the list of top 50 universities, 40 of which are in the US, France, China, Hong Kong, Australia, Germany, Canada and Japan, they will be excluded

OPINION| South African audiences want more authentic and accurate diversity in TV shows and movies

The media has the power to shape perceptions, so television shows and movies can help shape a positive view of people who feel stereotyped

Stellenbosch faculty abhors incident of student urinating on a peer’s belongings

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Stellenbosch University says the past cannot be undone but it will work to resist its legacy

Editorial: Call out all Theuns du Toits

What happened at Stellenbosch is a microcosm of a broken country and citizens who won’t stand up against implicit or explicit prejudices

OPINION | What will power Mthethwa’s erection?

Since Eskom’s a no-go, perhaps our Minister of Monuments’ R22-m flag will be powered on arrogance and self-belief alone

OPINION | Protect ideas of pan-Africanism

There needs to be a consolidation of the African identity away from the lens of Western civilisation

OPINION | Climate change: We are wedded to our own suicide

Although the answers are not simple, the warnings have been coming for more than three decades and yet leaders are still not doing what must be done

Those who attack funerals self-identify as pariahs

What happens in Israel and Palestine does not affect Israelis and Palestinians, alone. It fuels a global fault-line of mistrust, suspicion, intolerance and violence

The urine affair: race reflections through the Stellenbosch incident

Furthermore, each time a black person speaks openly about race it is mistaken for a confrontation. Perhaps black people themselves are not socialised to be confrontational towards whites.