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Lights are on but all else is dark

Paddy Harper can choose not to swim in Durban’s dirty sea but he has little choice about swimming with the political sharks

Editorial: South African cops need policing

Our collective apathy towards public order policing has had deadly consequences, especially for the poor

What developing countries need to reach net zero

Wealthier countries need to give emerging economies three resources: time to adapt, financial support and policy assistance

Hate Crimes and Hate Speech Bill contradicts the constitution

The draft Bill proposes to shield academics and scholars who propagate racist and bigoted ideas

An African vision for our food systems

Young people, of which the continent has many, could be key to innovating intelligent technology solutions that help farmers produce food efficiently

South Africans are trapped in a ‘Squid Game’

‘Squid Game’ is an explicit critique of the current mode of capitalism. But far too much popular discourse has overlooked or neglected its sociopolitical messages.

Teenage pregnancy – which is often child rape – should enrage us

Fixing the system starts at home, where parents and guardians who shield the perpetrators of sexual assault must be held accountable for their complicity

Advocates for ivermectin use severely flawed data

If ivermectin had dramatic results in combating Covid-19, it should perform well in any well-conducted, unbiased scientific study, but this is not the case

World Mental Health Day: Poverty should not determine quality of care

The Life Esidimeni tragedy is a stark illustration of how people’s socioeconomic standing affects the mental health services they are able to access

South Africa needs to breed ‘unicorns’

A start-up Act that changes exchange control, tax and labour laws will help innovation-driven tech start-ups thrive

Ramaphosa’s unbalanced assessment of Zweli Mkhize ‘an insult’

Desperate to claw back the public’s trust, the president missteped and betrayed his own weak understanding of ethics and the meaning of leadership

Income grant: Big bang for a few rand

Corporate South Africa is rolling out the big guns to spike momentum towards a universal basic income grant that threatens to expose their sick graveyard economy

How Facebook’s quest for profits is paved on hate and lies

New revelations by a whistleblower prove that the social media platform clearly understands its negative impact on society, but that profits are a greater lure than preserving democracy

Dean Mcpherson: The poster boy for whiteness

Paddy Harper finally got his second Covid-19 jab, but he feels that it's pity there’s no vaccine for stupidity — or arrogance

Editorial: DA’s divisive posters were a calculated decision — which has backfired

It would be refreshing if South Africans encountered political parties that actually walked the talk of embracing the ideals of nonracialism

Economic growth is destroying the planet

Ecosocialism will build solidarity with people to establish food and water commons, carbon-free public transport and community-owned renewable energy

To tackle climate change properly, the world will need Africa’s help

Next year, COP27 will be hosted in an African country, but by then it may be too late for the continent to get the assistance it needs

Social welfare: Investment not debt, taxation and consumption

A rebuttal to Colin Coleman’s remarks at the National Investment Dialogue suggests South Africa certainly has a debt problem