Kindle Edition

Good news, gadget fans, now you can get our weekly edition, in full, on the Kindle e-reader. Find out how below.

Where can I find it?
There are two ways to get your hands on the Kindle edition:
1. On your Kindle itself. Just visit the Kindle Storefront and open the Newspapers category (click here if you need more instructions). We are under "International" (yes, it's weird, we know)

2. From the Amazon online store. Visit this link and you can buy the latest edition, or subscribe (and get your first two editions as a free trial).

How much is it?
A single edition is $2.99 (around R25 at current exchange rates), and a monthly subscription is $5.99 (around R50). If you choose to subscribe, the first two editions are completely free.

Um...what's a Kindle?
It's a device that lets you read books in electronic format. If that sounds dumb or unappealing, then you haven't seen a Kindle "in the metal". Millions of avid book fans around the world swear by them, and they're now less than R1200, delivered to your door. With thousands of the latest books and newspapers at up to 50% discounts, you can see why the device is popular. You can buy one here.