/ 29 March 2023

Diamond Women Africa’s Feminine Talk

The Melrose Gallery

Identities, Sustainability and the Mind Discussed at the Melrose Gallery

In the heart of Johannesburg’s premier precinct where fine dining is experienced, and tourists come to enjoy South Africa’s reimagined renaissance hub known as Melrose Arch, Diamond Women Africa (DWA) and Mental Health Specialist-Coaching Miss P have started a Feminine Movement that promises to liberate the minds and hearts of art lovers.

DWA is proud to be partnering with The Melrose Gallery  for this intriguing and empowering event, where women will experience the beauty of art as they engage in conversations that encourage them to unearth their authentic identities so they can contribute positively to society.

“The partnership with The Melrose Gallery resonates with our key objectives as Diamond Women Africa, which is to celebrate and nurture authentic and purpose- driven women in the African continent so they can be the voices of change in our society,” says DWA Founder Doric Sithole. “We are excited to be partnering with a Pan-African gallery that represents established and emerging artists, whose voices speak to issues of significance in Africa on a global basis.”

Guests will also get an opportunity to experience the current exhibition by curator Ruzy Rusike, which focuses on Sustainability. “The exhibition ‘To embrace the shadow is the journey of the sun and the soul’ seeks to define or better yet identify what sustainability means within an African ideology. It is an ethical message like the Ubuntu philosophy, where we affirm our humanity when we acknowledge that no individual is complete without another — I am what I am because of what we all are,” says Ruzy Rusike, Head Curator at The Melrose Gallery.

Touching on our country’s fabric of Ubuntu, Coaching Miss P also echoes the sentiment of a sustainable future that relates to nature and art. “I see the value of humans through the lens of the mind. Humans need to understand how the mind works and value its contribution to everyday choices and decisions that drive sustainability. By having these conversations on how to define one’s own value so we can sustain the world, preserve nature and mental art, we will impart true wellness and allow people to dig deep inside so they can make this a better world,”  says Coaching Miss P.

With great minds and hosts behind this movement, The Diamond Women Africa event promises to be an impactful discussion that is supported by other media partners such as Mail & Guardian – Africa’s Best Read.

Tickets to the event are available here.