/ 21 August 2023

Get a Gizzu!

Gizzu keeps your lights on

The 2nd Gen Gizzu Power Stations improve our lives and beat load-shedding in an accessible, modular way

We all know that portable power stations have helped fill a gap in the lives of South Africans during load-shedding — they’ve been perfect for powering “essential” household appliances so that we’re able to try and keep living somewhat of a “normal” life. However, many of the units available in the market, and those that are the most accessible, are limited in the number of products they can power, and for how long.

As more and more brands enter the market, consumers have struggled to identify which units best suit their unique needs at home and at work. Traditional conversations around “beating load-shedding” have generally focused on complicated and expensive installations such as inverters, batteries and solar panels. However, this option is only available to a small number of South Africans, unless you’re willing to refinance your home. If you are renting, mobile, or are trying to scale back on costs then this can seem like an impossible solution.

Gizzu power stations are not only the best local solution to beat load-shedding; they also improve the everyday lives of South Africans through their superior technology. They provide multiple solutions across a wide variety of categories that are actually advantageous for you in multiple modular ways, to solve any power problem that you may encounter. There’s even a calculator that helps you decide what unit suits your power requirements.

The Gizzu units punch well above their price point with features such as fast charge, UPS mode, emergency lighting, surge protection and multiple cycles, and can go head-to-head against Tier 1 foreign brands.

The 2nd Generation is here

Gizzu’s 2nd Generation of Portable Power Stations have just landed, featuring enhanced LiFePO4 batteries along with significant technology improvements, which the market has demanded. The Hero range of new power stations offer a scalable, modular solution that is actually within the budget of normal South Africans. These units each offer a whole host of advantages against previous generation and competitors, and consumers can now select units for the exact power requirements that they have at work, on the move or at home, with confidence and ease.


Gizzu as a trusted local brand prioritises the safety of its devices and the consumers who buy them. The products are easy to use — you just plug and play — instead of installing complicated inverter backup systems or solar installations, which come with their own risks.

This means that there is a much lower upfront cost, and more power stations can also be added as or when they are needed. In addition, the Gizzu’s LiFePO4 batteries are much safer than traditional Lithium-Ion batteries and they have an extended lifespan with up to six times more battery cycles.


Gizzu’s 2nd Gen power stations are much bigger and can power just about anything — they are the perfect solution for your unique needs, or for your multiple needs throughout your home and your business.

The Gizzu Runtime Calculator has been built to help South Africans easily figure out which Gizzu Portable Power Station will service their needs. Just select the appliances you want to power and the calculator does the rest. It will note which power stations suit your selections and expected run times. Gizzu boasts the best in class value at every price point without compromising on quality and specs. It has the solution for any budget, ranging from R2 299 to R49 999.


For simplicity, just add power stations as you go, or when needed. There’s no need to overinvest in a complicated solution, just prioritise a modular approach to minimise the disruption of load-shedding throughout your home and work life.

Power stations should be seen as a modular alternative to inverters, as adding more power stations increases the backup power output and the battery capacity, whereas a home inverter is limited to maximum output and only the battery capacity can be upgraded. If you do want to go the solar route, Gizzu power stations are equipped with solar charging inputs and have a host of recharging options.


Gizzu products go through rigorous international testing via independent labs, often exceeding South African requirements. Because Gizzu is a plug and play solution, there is no need for electricians. Inverter backups and solar solutions have much more rigorous requirements like CoC compliance and insurance considerations.

With the boom in inverter backup/solar demand, many new businesses and “self-proclaimed” experts have emerged in this space, and consumers are often not suitably knowledgeable enough to truly vet their backgrounds or understand the wide range of offers for these very expensive setups.

Local brand with local applications

Gizzu is developed, tested, and sold by South Africans. It is made for South African problems, specifically. The range is designed for the South African load-shedding landscape, which means frequent usage, rather than many other brands that have developed their solutions for the outdoor consumer markets in the US and EU.

Gizzu is rigorously tested to withstand local load-shedding conditions, to ensure the best consumer experience for South Africans.

A free Gizzu voltage protector is shipped in the box with all 2nd Gen power stations in the Hero and Challenger series to protect the devices from South Africa’s unstable grid.

All new models fully recharge in around two hours (check exact spec on each unit) and will keep you covered during high load-shedding stages, which means multiple times per day.

They can be left permanently plugged in and powering appliances, thanks to their built-in UPS functionality, which provides seamless 10ms changeover to battery power in the event of load-shedding.

On higher capacity units there’s an adjustable input power controller, which slows down the recharge time and puts less strain on the grid and circuits.

Here’s a few of the latest options from the Gizzu range, with big power and price tag differences:

Gizzu Hero Core 512Wh LiFePO4 UPS Portable Power Station

  • RRP = R9 999 
  • SKU code = GPS500U
  • Great for home entertainment, work/homework, and connectivity. It keeps PCs and laptops and monitors working at home, so it’s ideal for small businesses 

Gizzu Hero Pro 2048Wh LiFePO4 UPS Portable Power Station

  • RRP = R26 999
  • SKU code = GPS2000U
  • Perfect for more demanding appliances that have generally not been supported in the past, including your coffee machine, fridge, microwave, washing machine, air fryer, hairdryer and kettle. Use it in the kitchen and wherever you need to power devices to keep your household/business running.

Gizzu Hero Ultra 3840Wh LiFePO4 UPS Portable Power Station

  • RRP = R49 999
  • SKU code = GPS3800U
  • Ideal for multiple devices or contractors. All but the most-power hungry devices, such as electric chainsaws, tumble dryers and dishwashers are supported. You can power almost everything at home or power your work equipment wherever you go or whatever the circumstances.

Buy your Gizzu Portable Power Station here Takealot or here Gizzu.co.za.