/ 4 September 2023

Is baseball in South Africa profitable?


Baseball is a low-profile and underdeveloped sport in South Africa, but it has huge potential

Baseball is not a sport that most South Africans would associate with their country. However, it has a long and rich history on their soil. It dates back to the late 19th century when it was introduced by American gold miners and Japanese sailors. It was also one of the few sports that allowed black and white players to compete together during the apartheid era, although it was still subject to racial segregation and discrimination.

And even if today it is played in all nine provinces of South Africa and some smart betters are using a licensed sports betting software to wager on MLB games, it is not a major sport compared to cricket, rugby, football and others. Does this mean that despite the efforts, this sport simply cannot take root in the country? Are we missing opportunities due to its lack of popularity? This article intends to find that out.

Possible reasons

The South African Baseball Union (SABU) is the national governing body of baseball and is affiliated with The South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC); the African Baseball and Softball Association (ABSA) and the World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC). The South African national baseball team has participated in several major events such as the Summer Olympics, World Baseball Classic, Baseball World Cup and the African Games. 

The team has achieved some notable results, such as winning the silver medal at the 2006 African Games and qualifying for the 2009 World Baseball Classic. Moreover, some South African-born players have made it into Major League Baseball (MLB) such as Gift Ngoepe, Anthony Phillips, and Dylan Unsworth.

Despite all these achievements, baseball remains a low-profile and underdeveloped sport in South Africa, and the reasons for this might be:

  • Lack of funding and resources for baseball development and infrastructure. It seems that it is not a priority sport for the government or the private sector, and therefore receives little financial support. Most baseball facilities are outdated or inadequate. There is also a shortage of equipment, coaches, umpires and officials.
  • Lack of media exposure and public awareness. Baseball is rarely covered by the mainstream media or broadcast on television. Most South Africans are unaware of the existence of the best online bookmakers for baseball or the achievements of the national baseball team and the local players.
  • Lack of access and opportunities for young players to learn and play. Baseball is not taught or played in most schools or communities. There are few clubs or leagues that cater to different age groups or skill levels. There is also a lack of talent identification and development programmes that nurture and support promising players.
  • Competition and preference for other sports that have more cultural and historical significance. In South Africa, Baseball faces stiff competition from other sports that are more popular and established nationwide, such as cricket, rugby, soccer, netball and hockey. These sports have more fans, sponsors, media attention and resources. They also have more cultural and historical relevance for most South Africans, who identify with them as part of their national identity or heritage.

Lost opportunities?

These challenges also affect the ability of South African players to compete internationally and reach the MLB level. Only a handful of players have been able to achieve this feat, mostly through scholarships or contracts from MLB teams or academies. However, these opportunities are rare and limited, and most players face many barriers such as visa issues, language barriers, cultural differences, lack of exposure and recognition, etc.

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Grabbing the opportunities

By neglecting baseball, South Africa is missing out on many opportunities that could benefit the country in terms of social and economic development. This is a sport that can foster social cohesion, diversity, inclusion, teamwork, leadership, discipline, etc. among its participants and fans.

Baseball can also generate revenue and create jobs through sports tourism, merchandising, broadcasting, etc. Moreover, it can offer a lucrative avenue for sports betting, which is a booming industry in Africa. Sports betting can attract more interest and investment in baseball, as well as provide more entertainment and income for the fans.

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