/ 15 November 2023

SACPCMP Conference 2023: Constructing Built Environment Sustainability, Digitisation & Inclusion

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Participants at the SACPCMP Conference held at Emperor's Palace. (Photo: Mike Byron)

Both days provided robust engagement and brought together industry key players

The South African Council for the Project and Construction Management Professions (SACPCMP) brought back its highly anticipated and re-imaged SACPCMP Conference at Emperor’s Palace in Gauteng on 13 – 14 November 2023.

Themed “Constructing Built Environment Sustainability, Digitisation & Inclusion”, this year’s conference commenced with a Masterclass series on 13 November, followed by the full day Conference on 14 November 2023.  

The masterclasses and conference provided a platform for learning and development, sharing market information, and facilitating meetings, discussions, and business agreements between industry role players. It was also a great opportunity for businesses to showcase their expertise within the industry, build strong networking contacts and revitalize brand awareness to a focused audience.  

The Honourable Minister Sihle Zikalala, Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure, was present to deliver an opening address and give much-needed insights and direction on the industry discourse. 

Lufuno Ratsiku, SACPCMP President, said: “The SACPCMP Conference is a platform that addresses vital issues facing the Construction Sector. Industry stakeholders are part of the most-anticipated platform for discussion and development of strategic built environment intervention programmes.” 

Both days offered robust engagement and brought together industry key players, including subject-matter experts, decision makers, business leaders and CEOs, private and public industry representatives, government and municipality representatives, construction industry professionals and ministerial representatives. 

Attendees had the opportunity to engage with industry experts, who provided insights and shared their expertise on various aspects in the talks, panels and breakaway streams. 

“All content and information emanating from the conference and masterclasses supported issues that are key to the development of professionals, who are able to respond to the challenges and opportunities presented by the built environment,” Ratsiku added. 

Sharon Shunmugam, SACPCMP Vice President, said: “Our goal is to develop industry realignment. We all know that disruption is inevitable, with globalisation, technological advancement, and the need for cultural adaptation, the conference supported the SACPCMP’s drive towards availing dynamic and receptive tools in the built environment for its professions to correspondingly evolve, and to be responsive to industry needs and challenges.” 

The SACPCMP carefully curated the Masterclass topics and programmes to ensure they are relevant and provide upskilling and development opportunities. The conference itself featured a wide range of topics covered in the address, panels and breakout sessions.


The South African Council for the Project and Construction Management Professions (SACPCMP) is empowered by section18 of Act No.48 of 2000 to certify, register and regulate the Project and Construction Management Professions.  The SACPCMP registers professionals in 14 categories under the Construction Project Management, Construction Health and Safety and Building Inspector sectors. 

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