/ 16 November 2023

High percentage bonuses versus minimum deposit bonuses 

Online Gambling

Both seem tempting, but you may have no idea which is better for you

Have you ever had to choose between two online casinos? What was the first thing you considered? After you made sure the platform was safe and legal, most likely, you checked its bonuses.

But there are so many offers! You might feel a bit overwhelmed and don’t know which to choose. To make it even more difficult, casino bonuses can be so different!

High percentage bonuses versus minimum deposit bonuses – which are better for you and why

Let’s consider this scenario. You are a new player wanting to gamble. You don’t have an account, and you found an online casino that is legal.

You’ve just registered. Everything went great, but now you have to choose your welcome bonus. There are two options: a bonus for a minimum deposit and a high percentage matching deposit bonus. They both seem tempting, but you have no idea which is better for you.

Benefits and disadvantages of each

High-percentage matching promotions offer larger bonus amounts. This is indeed great for any player, as you can play more, thus you can win more. However, with larger bonus amounts come higher wagering requirements. This means that you will have to wager your bonus many more times before you can make any withdrawals. This can lead to you losing more than you expected.

Minimum deposit promotions are accessible for players of all budgets. You don’t need to make a large first deposit, which reduces the risk of losing too much. On top of that, minimum deposit offers also come with low wagering requirements. So, you will be able to make a withdrawal way faster.

The downside is that you make a minimum deposit, which means you also get the minimum bonus amount possible. So, you get to play less.

Another issue with both bonuses is the cash-out limit. Most casinos (almost all of them) don’t allow you to withdraw too much of this free money, which makes sense. At the end of the day, the casino doesn’t want to lose funds.

High percentage versus minimum deposit promotions: wagering differences

Wagering requirements must always be taken into consideration when opting for a bonus. As mentioned above, high-percentage matching bonuses have higher wagering requirements. This is normal, as the casino offers you more free funds. This means that you will have to wager more money compared to a minimum deposit bonus.

Those, however, have low wagering requirements between x10 up to a maximum of x30 or x35. This allows you to complete the requirements faster. Afterwards, you can withdraw your funds and enjoy them.

Once the bonus values are completed, gamblers can look for the next high-value bonus. However, some new casinos have unique features to prolong the gambling. On FreeSpino, the 300% bonus has several deposits, and at the end, if users add a specific bonus code, they have the “unlimited reload” that will work for any payment moving forward from that moment on. Of course, these cases are rare and work for a specific gambler type.

Can bonuses influence the games you play?

Some players might not know this, but promotions can have a thing to say regarding the games they play. It’s all related to the contribution towards the completion of the wagering requirements.

In other words, slots have the highest contribution, 100%. Table and card games range from 10 to 20, maybe 25%. Live games usually don’t count at all. This is why the games you play do matter a lot when you use a bonus. However, these percentages are not the same for all casinos. Read the terms and conditions of your bonus before playing, and you will be safe.

Also, remember that some slots or brands might not even be eligible for certain bonuses. So, if you really want to play them, you will have to use your own money,

Strategies to maximise your gambling income

The first and most important aspect is to choose your games. Games with a higher RTP (return to player) can offer better winning chances, but that’s not a rule.

A properly managed budget is always desirable when you gamble. Play responsibly, and don’t take unnecessary risks. This is the best way to avoid big losses.

Many players still don’t like to read the terms and conditions. They feel like they are wasting their time, but they are wrong. If you understand them, you respect them. And if you respect them, you can’t risk having your bonus cancelled.

How to benefit from all bonuses

Test as many games as possible. If you want to learn them before using your bonus or funds, there are sites that offer demo variants of most casino games. Go there, try them, learn the games, and return to the casino platform when you are ready to play for real.

Choose games with low volatility. They offer better chances of constant winnings. This is always a good thing, regardless of the type of bonus you have.

Stay realistic. Many players forget that the casinos also must win from time to time. It’s important not to get lost in the gambling session and remember to keep your expectations as real as possible.

How can online casino offers increase your gambling winnings

All casino promotions can have a significant impact on your funds. It doesn’t matter if you used a minimum deposit bonus or a high percentage matching one. At the end of the day, it’s important that you play safe and within your budget. Also, don’t forget to remember that playing is supposed to be entertaining, and not cause you harm or negative emotions.