/ 16 November 2023

Unlock the gifting game plan with Avante this festive season

Remove the guesswork this Christmas with a bottle of Cape Potstill VSOP brandy 

When it comes to gifting, you get those people that love it and are extremely organised, and then you get those people that aren’t and leave it to the last minute. Not only that, they leave it to the last minute, then procrastinate further, and then ultimately choose something that can be at best described as “good enough”.

We’ve all been there, and each year we say we will do better next time. Well, it’s November, and as you read this it’s fair to assume this hasn’t happened.

Now of course we are talking about general gifting here, so the large sector, which is below what you buy your significant other, but above the R50 Secret Santa fun and games at the office.

Three categories

When it comes to gifting, there are essentially three categories that you want to do well in. You want to make sure you give something that’s personal enough, unique enough and affordable enough. 

On the personal aspect, getting this right means that you have given some thought towards the person you are giving a gift to, and this requires some basic gathering of info.

When it comes to uniqueness, it’s great if the gift you give can provide a story of sorts. Gift vouchers for example are hugely useful, but not unique. So before buying something, you need to consider receiving the gift and what you could say about it or how it could fit into a conversation.

Then lastly, affordability is obviously a key factor to consider. You never want to go too cheap, but at the same time you never want to go too expensive. Going too high end is obviously tough on the pocket, but it can also make the recipient feel bad as they may have only got you a bottle of wine, or a wildlife calendar …

So with those three aspects in mind, you can now get going with a bit more confidence for the task at hand. And to cover these all important categories for a South African end of year gift, we present the gift of Avante Cape Potstill VSOP brandy.

Personal touch

To cover the personal touch, a bottle of Avante can be many things to many people. Being a pure potstill brandy blended in the style of a fine VSOP, it’s smooth enough to drink on the rocks, or enjoyed with your favourite mixer. To go a little further, brandy is really underrated when it comes to cocktail making too. So whatever the tastes of your gifting audience, you have something that is valuable in a variety of settings for them.

For the unique aspect, well, the packaging of the bottle for a start is something to savour. The meaning of Avante is to move forward with purpose, to overcome challenges and enjoy unique victories. Something that defined the career of the brand’s founder John Smit and that of his fellow founders George Gregan, Justin Marshall, Lukhanyo Am and Makazole Mapimpi. Their names all appear on the box, and with the bottle you are eligible to join the Avante Guarde to meet and interact with them at special member events. 

Along with the event opportunities, the brand leverages this group of players past and present to share ongoing key rugby insights, and there are also competition giveaways ranging from match day tickets and signed memorabilia up for grabs. 

Then to wrap up with affordability, this fine VSOP is available in both 750ml at R499 and 200ml at R249. Something that then appeals to a range of budgets, and also gives you good bang for your buck at the end of the day which is important, especially if your guest list spans that of a rugby team!

Incredible year

So take the stress and guesswork out of gifting this year. Put your faith in brandy, and a fine one at that by choosing Avante.

It’s been an incredible year for rugby, and in South Africa it’s always an incredible year for good brandy. So the two factors really do blend perfectly.

To purchase a bottle of Avante, join the Avante Guarde and be a part of this exciting brand, you can visit your nearest Norman Goodfellows outlet across South Africa. Or pick up a bottle from their online store. 

Visit: https://www.ngf.co.za/products/avante-vsop-cape-brandy-in-box-750ml