/ 21 November 2023

Keysoff Summer Sale: How to get a genuine Windows 10 Pro license for only $6.22

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Keysoff guarantees that the licenses it sells are 100% authentic, with no security concerns

Anyone can download Microsoft Office, but the catch is that you need a license to use it for more than a month. There are several different versions of Microsoft Office to choose from: Microsoft 365 is a subscription system, which requires monthly or annual subscription fees, and the other is a permanent version, which can be used all the time with a single purchase, such as Office 2021, Office 2019 and other permanent versions. When you look for free Windows or Office software packages, you may come across pirated or cracked software, or software packages full of malicious code and malware, which can be very dangerous for your computer and your personal information.

With the Keysoff summer Sale, the latest version of Office 2021 only costs $26.25. If you buy more than one, Office 2021 is as low as $13.85/PC! If the official price of Windows 10 Pro is $199.99, which makes it difficult for you to pay, then the Keysoff summer sale will give you the biggest discount! Genuine Windows 10 Pro 2PCs bundle for only $12.45, Windows 10 Pro as low as $6.22 each! Help you save more than 90%! There is also Office for MAC users, enjoy 62% off! Keysoff provides genuine Windows and Office suites, as well as other practical computer tools and software. If you have any questions about installation and practicality, you can contact Keysoff’s 24/7 technical support team in time!

Limited Time Special! Genuine Windows 10 from $6.22!

Limited Time Special! Office 2021 for just $13.85!

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If you need more computer tool software, Keysoff has you covered too! Such as Ashampoo PDF Pro 3. Edit PDFs as fast and easy as Word documents: Ashampoo PDF Pro 3 makes editing PDFs as easy as editing text documents with a great word processor, and you also find it in any modern office application.

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Keysoff buys these licenses from companies that no longer use them and transfers them to individuals, Keysoff knows the “history” of each license it sells, and Keysoff guarantees that the licenses it sells are 100% authentic, with no security concerns. Second, because Keysoff emails you activation information and an invoice for your order, there are no CDs and logistics costs, and you can get Windows OS and Microsoft Office for a fraction of the price! Keysoff not only has good products, but also has excellent after-sales service. As long as you buy products at Keysoff, you can also enjoy lifetime after-sales service! Now is the perfect opportunity to save money while completing your PC upgrade with this special offer!

With high-quality products and professional service, Keysoff has received more than 1000 reviews from real users on TrustPilot, with a rating of 4.8 and a 97% satisfaction rate!

24/7 technical support and lifetime after-sales service

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