/ 31 January 2024

AI and the synergy between established corporate entities and start-ups

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Everyone can benefit from using artificial intelligence, if we are not intimidated by it

On 24 January 2024, the French South African Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FSACCI) in collaboration with the French Tech South Africa, hosted the second edition of Le Bridge at Mazars.

In this edition, the event delved into the dynamic synergy between established corporate entities and start-ups within the Artificial Intelligence (AI) domain. Generative AI is quickly becoming comparable or even better than human creation while also being faster and cheaper.

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Guest speakers included Victor Faurie, an Innovation Senior Manager who gave an insightful presentation on AI displaying the use of different templates and how best to improve on the effectiveness of AI while at the same time not being intimidated by its capabilities.

Mmuso Mafisa, CEO of Veza Interactive, wowed the attendees with the AI avatar that they created for the SA Innovation Summit, showcasing the power of storytelling. The “Troob”, a pocket-size 3D printed multipurpose textbook, was explained. It allows digital literacy skills to be taught using immersive tech, thus closing the socioeconomic gap that is caused by educational inequality.

Tam Ogubai, Global Partnership lead at Zindi, emphasised the need for governments to act more swiftly when paying for the services of AI startups in order to maintain a flow of business. Zindi is found in over 180 countries with 60k plus users.

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The session ended with an online presentation by Daniel Doppler, President at Quicktext, who focused on the importance of AI in the hospitality industry and how it greatly benefits tourism, from the corporate giants to medium and small companies as well as the tourists who are making their bookings. 

The event concluded with networking, croissants and interaction with the various speakers.

For more details, visit: https://www.fsacci.com/