/ 28 March 2024

Community Sports Solutions takes Gugulethu youth off the streets

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Sport is a great unifier; it helps children learn discipline and how to work together.

Sponsorship is required for the initiative to adequately fulfil its objectives

Where it all started
The project dates back to 2008, when Thembekile Louw decided to use his own passion for sport and experience as a Sport Administrator and Events Organiser to change the lives of at-risk youth in Gugulethu. Seeking to formalise the work being done, Community Sports Solutions was born in 2010 and registered with the Department of Social Development in the same year, with the aim of promoting sports as a catalyst for change within Gugulethu’s disadvantaged communities.

Aims and objectives
– To take children off the streets and expose them to recreational programmes;
– Encourage social cohesion and a healthy, balanced lifestyle;
– To create job opportunities for the unemployed youth by being coaches and mentors to juniors; and
– To collaborate with the private sector in developing community projects for societal change.

Our achievements
Despite the lack of regular funding, our programmes feature quarterly events, benefiting approximately 100 children aged from seven to 17 years. Parents and families are stress free, because they know that after school, their children are engaged in constructive extramural activities. In 2012 we were able to secure R28 000 worth of marketing material from Blue Gheko IT company. Adidas sponsored 40 practice vests and six balls. We make use of community sport grounds for our sport events. However, more funding is crucial to pursue our operations and attain our objectives.

Community Sports Solutions was established to motivate the youth to pursue their talents. As an entity we are prepared to assist youngsters. We have 10 projected years of operational plan, divided into short and long term. We’ve done our research, and we’re certain that with the necessary prerequisites and support we can overcome some of the challenges endured by the youth in Gugulethu in order for them to become productive citizens. Through collaboration and cooperation great things can be achieved.

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CSS empowers the youth.

Our challenges
– The community is filled with crime and mischievous actions;
– The youth roam the streets and have nothing to do;
-We lack the necessary resources and infrastructure to fully pursue our operations;
-Unemployment and crime affect economic development in our community; and
– We are still perceived as a vocal entity, with no actual implementation.

Words of aspiration
It is wonderful to live life with the spirit of humanity (ubuntu), knowing that we’ve got to be generous towards each other as human beings. We have the potential to create change in other people’s lives if we obtain the requisite resources. We believe life is a challenge to be dealt with.

Community Sports Solutions has dedicated itself to assist where it can for people in need. Beneficiaries can adopt a constructive mindset by ploughing back into society. We strongly believe that with support we will prevail and will make a remarkable contribution to produce productive citizens, change-makers and future leaders.

In conclusion
Community Sports Solutions makes a huge and positive difference in the lives of at-risk youth. It could achieve so much more with help from donors, sponsors and the private sector to help it attain its objectives. Please consider investing in this project for the betterment of society.

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