/ 19 August 2022

EFF Student Command leader Sihle Lonzi says Congress of South African Students ‘infiltrated by swindlers’

Sihle Lonzi
Economic Freedom Fighters Student Command leader Sihle Lonzi. (Twitter)

Economic Freedom Fighters Student Command leader Sihle Lonzi said on Friday the Congress of South African Students had been infiltrated by “swindlers” he accused of using the struggles faced by students to pursue political careers within the ANC.

At a news conference outlining the outcomes of the organisation’s fourth national students assembly, Lonzi said the body would establish a high school desk to establish associate structures in high and/or secondary schools. He said it had become necessary to “rescue” South African students from “political hustlers”.

“The 43-year-old Congress of South African students, which was established in the wake of the June 16 Soweto uprisings has been infiltrated by all [sic] swindlers who use the struggles of high school learners to selfishly pursue the affectional [sic] careers within the structures of the ANC. How can you have people who are close to the age of 30, leading a high school movement?” he said. 

Lonzi also accused Basic Education Angie Motshekga of being “lazy” and charged that conditions in that sector “get worse each and every year” under her watch.

“The high school desk must organise the learners of South Africa against the minister …  who has been the minister for 13 years,” he said.

“She has become too comfortable and we all know that comfort is the best friend of complacency and laziness. Basic education needs a new and vibrant minister who will revive the sector and align it with global standards and trends.” 

He said the organisation would propose a jobseekers’ ’allowance to help needy  graduates cover the costs associated with looking for jobs.

“It costs a young person approximately R1 000 to seek a job in South Africa,” Lonzi said.

“The EFF Students Command is saying all job seekers must be given what is called a
R2 000 jobseeker’s allowance to cover the cost.”

He said the organisation would propose two bills before Parliament, one to eradicate historical student debt and another to provide free sanitary towels in all institutions of higher learning.