/ 12 January 2024

Israel is the real victim of ‘genocide’ by Hamas, court hears

The International Court Of Justice Public Hearing On South Africa's Gaza Genocide Case Against Israel
Barrister Malcolm Shaw (R) and Israeli legal counsellor Tal Becker laugh prior to today's hearings of Israel's point of view as South Africa has requested the International Court of Justice to indicate measures concerning alleged violations of human rights by Israel in the Gaza Strip on January 12, 2024 in The Hague, Netherlands. On January 11 and January 12 at the International Court of Justice (ICJ), the judicial body of the United Nations, in The Hague, South Africa seized the ICJ, to ask it to rule on possible acts of "genocide" in the Gaza Strip by Israel. (Photo by Michel Porro/Getty Images)
If the International Court of Justice orders Israel to halt its military activity in Gaza, the state would lose its right to self-defence, it argues

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