/ 14 March 2024

Mobility for digital nomads

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Despite having been one for a number of years, I first heard the term “digital nomad” in 2023. For a vast number of people around the world, this was one of the miracles that emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic. It took an event of this magnitude for professionals to realise that they could work remotely, not just from their home country, but from anywhere in the world as long as they had reliable internet connectivity.

In April 2022, South Africa announced its plans to offer a remote work visa, joining a host of other countries already welcoming digital nomads and allowing them to become temporary residents while working remotely for companies based outside the country.

This revolutionary lifestyle has also stimulated the creation of products and services to cater to the needs of digital nomads. One such solution is the emergence of co-working and co-living spaces in urban areas. Another is the peer-to-peer car-sharing service that promotes sustainable car use by allowing car owners to rent out their vehicles when they’re not in use to people in their community.

Tarlen, a peer-to-peer car-sharing service, is proud to be at the forefront of this revolution in Africa, offering this flexible, cost-effective and practical mobility solution to digital nomads.

As digital nomadism continues to grow, the world needs to keep pace. Peer-to-peer car sharing fits the bill. It offers digital nomads the flexibility, affordability and convenience they need to get the job done.

Are you a digital nomad? What products or services make your life easier?