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The Guptas: A dummy's guide

11 Mar 2011 14:05 | Vuvu Vena

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Industrialists. Newspaper owners. And friends with the president and his family. These are the Gupta brothers, who are said to have benefitted from their close relationships with the first family.

A year ago you probably had never heard of the Guptas. But they're practically household names now, after repeated exposés, started by the Mail & Guardian.

But where did they come from?

Ajay, Atol and Rajesh Gupta came to South Africa from Saharanpur, India, sent by Shiv Kumar, their businessman father, to explore business opportunities in the country. Atul was the first to arrive in 1993 and was later followed by his brothers. Rajesh was the last to arrive in 1997.

Soon after their arrival they established Sahara Computers, named after their hometown.

Recently the Sunday Times reported that the Guptas and Duduzane Zuma -- the president's son -- were directors and shareholders in a deal with China Railway Construction Corporation in which they stood to benefit from the government's R550-billion rail infrastructure programme.

The Chinese deal follows the controversial ArcelorMittal R9-billion empowerment deal in which the Gupta brothers and Duduzane are set to benefit at least R3,2-billion if the deal goes through.

With their high-profile and politically-connected business interests, the family has earned the ire of trade union Cosatu, among others. As the storm of controversy around the family continues, we give you the lowdown on who's who in the Guptas, and what their interests are.

The Gupta brothers:

Ajay Gupta -- the older brother

Business position: Non-executive chairperson, Vusizwe Media

Five facts

Atul Gupta -- the middle brother
Business position: Managing director, Sahara Holdings, non-executive director, Comair, executive chairperson, TNA Media.
Stakes: Sahara Holdings: 16%, Oakbay Investments: 30%, Islandsite Investment: 25% Oakbay Investments: 40%


Five facts

Rajesh (Tony) Gupta -- the younger brother
Business position: Director, Mabengela, director, Islandsite Investments 255, director -- Afripalm Horizons
Stakes: 25%: Islandsite Investment's, 40%: Oakbay Investments

Five facts


Gupta companies

Sahara Holdings


Five facts

Oakbay Investments

Five facts

TNA Media

Five facts

JIC Mining Services

Five facts

Vusizwe Media
Publishes the Thinker journal -- edited and founded by former minister in the presidency, Essop Pahad

Other stakes

*An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that the Gupta brothers and Duduzane were said to benefit at least R3,2-billion from the controversial ArcelorMittal R9-billion empowerment deal, without the caveat that the deal was yet to go through.

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