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Copperbelt Energy Corporation

27 Aug 2012 14:39 | Staff


Background and Context: The Copperbelt Energy Corporation Plc (CEC) is a Power Utility company based in Zambia, which among other things owns and operates a eet of six (06) English Electric EAS1 and EA2 gas turbine alternator sets (GTAs) driven by diesel red Rolls Royce Mk1533 Avons and have a total installed capacity of 80MW, primarily used to provide peaking and emergency power to its mining customers. The fleet of GTAs was installed between 1969 and 1978 but continues to be in use to date. To keep the GTAs in a good working state, the Company deploys management and maintenance strategies that include condition monitoring, time-based maintenance and occasional refurbishment/overhauls of main components of the gas turbine plants.

CEC will be seeking the services of a competent and qualified organisation (to be identified through an international competitive bidding process) to carry out a study with the objective of providing it with a detailed understanding of the viability; from a technical, financial and commercial perspective, of continuing to operate and maintain its existing fleet of GTAs in comparison to acquisition of more modern assets employing state-of-the art and better technologies. Should it be determined that replacement of CEC’s GTA eet is necessary, the said organisation will be required to recommend the best replacement technological option, as well as the most optimal replacement strategy. However, should the recommendation be that CEC should continue to operate and maintain its existing GTA assets, the organisation responsible for the works shall review the existing practices and recommend the most optimal operation and maintenance strategy.

Before carrying out the full bidding process, CEC wishes to invite expressions of interest (EoI) from interested parties with suitable experience who wish to be included on the list of invited bidders for this Project.

Invitation to Submit an EOI: Expressions of interest are invited from organisations with suitable experience to undertake this Project. These must be submitted to the contact address below by Friday, 28 September 2012 at 15:00 hours local time and be clearly marked “Expression of Interest for Development of a Management Strategy for CEC’s Existing Gas Turbine Alternator Plants”. Following receipt and evaluation of submissions, selected organisations or bidders to participate in the tender process shall be provided with detailed terms of reference to guide them in their preparation of comprehensive proposals and quotations for undertaking the study, and this will include seeking clarifications on any questions that bidders may have as well as undertaking a site visit to CEC’s locations.

Submissions for these Expressions of Interest should be deposited in the box labeled “Expression of Interest for Development of a Management Strategy for CEC’s Existing Gas Turbine Alternator Plants” to be placed at the Security Offices Reception at CEC’s Operations Head Office on 23rd Avenue, Kitwe Zambia. Only applicants that have submitted documented responses to this invitation will be considered eligible for consideration for the bidding stage.

The EoI should be addressed to: The Chief Operating Officer, Copperbelt Energy Corporation Plc, 23rd Avenue, Nkana East, P.O. Box 20819, Kitwe, ZAMBIA

For any clarification, please write to: Yelesani Mwale, Copperbelt Energy Corporation Plc, 23rd Avenue, Nkana East, P.O. Box 20819, Kitwe, ZAMBIA. Tel: +260 212 244093 (Office). Mobile: +260 967 512413. Email: [email protected]

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