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Frustrated Social Development DG resigns over Sassa crisis

Dangor confirmed today that he has resigned citing a breakdown of relations with minister Bathabile Dlamini over the handling of the Sassa crisis.

Sassa and CPS reach agreement on social grant payments

The agreement came after negotiations began between the two parties on Wednesday.

DA files application to join Sassa Constitutional Court matter

The party wants to become a second applicant in a matter lodged earlier this week by human rights group Black Sash.

Sassa: We are no longer obliged to report to the Constitutional Court

The social security agency says the court no longer has any supervisory jurisdiction over it.

ConCourt summons Sassa to reach agreement

In papers submitted to the court this week, the Black Sash asked the court to allow Sassa to continue its relationship with Cash Paymaster Service.

Latest: Sassa summoned to appear before ConCourt on March 15

Read the directions from the Constitutional Court in the Sassa/Black Sash matter.

A litany of lies: Sassa’s greatest hits

Its job is to serve the poorest. Instead, the social development agency spins a web of doublespeak.

How ConCourt could save Sassa

In terms of its original ruling, CPS, once contracted, acts as an organ of the state and has to provide a service.

Sassa to withdraw grant payment application from Concourt

Sassa filed papers to the Concourt on Tuesday requesting the court to authorise its negotiations with CPS to pay grants for the next year.

Sassa asks Concourt to allow negotiations with CPS on grant payments

Sassa has approached the Concourt to authorise its engagement with CPS to provide services for another year.

Dlamini says grants will be paid, but Sassa doesn’t know how

The Scopa chair closed the hearing on irregular expenditure of R1.1-billion on Tuesday, saying that Dlamini and Sassa are on a “suicide mission”.

Sassa appoints acting CEO to answer to Parliament

The chief executive was due to appear before the committee on Tuesday morning to answer questions about the contract which cost Sassa R10-billion.

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