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Thabo Mbeki, the peacemaker

Citing the Iraq situation, South African President Thabo Mbeki stressed on Thursday the role of the United Nations in bringing about peace in the world.

Mr Condom lets fly at Thabo Mbeki

One of the reasons Aids was such a low priority at the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) was possibly that it had to do with sex, and a lot of political leaders did not understand sex, said UNAids ambassador Mechai Viravaidya.

What did we do to you, Thabo Mbeki?

South African President Thabo Mbeki, whose government has been accused of dragging its heels on providing Aids drugs, is targetted by activists in a newly released music CD

Praise songs for Thabo Mbeki

Makhosini Nkosi and Wally MbheleThe ruling African National Congress celebrated its landslide victory in the country's second democratic elections this week in grand...

Into the future: Thabo Mbeki’s

Much like a father at the birth of his first child, most politicians who reach the top flirt, at least briefly, with an...

Thabo Mbeki under attack in affidavit

Mail & Guardian ReportersDEPUTY President Thabo Mbeki comes in for a scathing attack in Bantu Holomisa's court challenge against his expulsion from the...

Is Thabo Mbeki fit to rule?

Thabo Mbeki is the mystery man who looms large in South Africa's future. Gaye Davis spoke to people close to this intensely private personality.

Thabo or Taboo? Mbeki’s inner circle on his future role

Three years after the "palace coup" that saw him leave office, opinions are divided on whether Thabo Mbeki should return to active domestic politics.

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