Zimbabweans and the ZEP

Zimbabweans to set up businesses without being required to first invest R5-million in South Africa, and the study permit was just that; a permit that allowed Zimbabweans to live and study in South Africa until the end of their studies.

Pay attention: Our food system is broken

Hunger and obesity are symptoms of the same problem. Activist Raj Patel’s latest film follows a Malawian farmer as she cares for the Earth while growing crops

Africans abroad: Living the dream — in South Africa

Sandras Phiri is a global ‘go-to’ business start-up coach, empowering others and practising entrepreneurship. The born and bred Zambian plies his trade from South Africa and would not have it any other way

Streaming wars come to Africa

Competition in Africa’s subscription video-on-demand services is set to intensify, as new local and international players enter

Sudan staggers under weight of Africa’s biggest fuel spike

Over the past year, the price of petrol in Sudan has risen by 132%, the steepest increase on the continent. Although economic factors play a role, the country’s generals also have a lot to answer for.

Watch: The Big Africa Debate (Part 2)

The series is an interactive platform for policy-makers, civil society and academia to discuss and debate the challenges and opportunities for Africa.

Monkeypox is on the loose in Europe. So why are journalists using pictures of Africans?

Western media treats Africans as victims, villains or vectors of disease.

Faltering insurgency in Mozambique still threatens lives – and gas projects

Instability around crucial projects leaves them stalled, while Frelimo’s inability to accept its leadership failures is preventing long-term solutions to the conflict

Another deadly pathogen enters the fray — anthrax

The disease is circulating in livestock, with some human cases reported.

A 21st-century stoning in Nigeria

Deborah Samuel was killed by a mob of fellow students for a message she posted in a WhatsApp group – and the police were unable to stop them

Former Malawi president’s graft trial gets the green light

Bakili Muluzi will face corruption charges for pocketing funding that was meant to build a new hospital

Africa Month: A taste of the cuisine the continent has to offer

Celebrate the African ‘year of nutrition’ by getting stuck into some of the tastiest food the continent can dish up.

Top 10 Fenty products you should own

After debuting her historically inclusive shade range, Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty finally launches in Africa today.

As mobile internet speeds rise, Africans are spending more time streaming

The move online due to Covid-19 restrictions further boosted the demand for such services by people on the continent

Playing the market in Zimbabwe. A citizen’s tale

Zimbabwe’s stock market is riding on a digital wave that has given more citizens access to immense wealth opportunities

Experience Africa in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town

If you had the opportunity to explore South Africa, to really see it, be confused by it, fall in love with the good, bad...

Igbo language defies extinction

In 2012, Unesco said the language would have vanished by 2025 but 10 years later Igbo is one of the five top languages in Nigeria

Suicide cases soar in Zimbabwe

The economic crisis in the country appears to be pushing people over the mental edge