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Review: Nigeria’s ‘King of Boys’ was a smash hit. Does the sequel do it justice?

Kemi Adetiba’s Netflix miniseries is certainly stylish — but it’s missing the panache of the original

Nigeria ‘being careful’ about private sector Covid help

Indemnity clauses and fears of fake jabs mean Nigeria’s government must do its vaccine roll-out alone

Cabo Delgado is a warzone, but profiteers strike it rich

But anger over human rights abuses in the ruby-rich province fuels resentment and insurgency

Why the discovery of natural gas in Mozambique has produced tragedy

An insurgency against poverty that has opportunistically taken on the mantle of the Islamic State faces the wrath of African armies. Meanwhile, another tragedy — the criminal theft of billions of dollars from a poor country — is being settled in courtrooms and backrooms

Hakainde Hichilema: From prison to president of Zambia

Hakainde Hichilema’s remarkable comeback

Open Letter: Ethiopia needs a political — not a military — solution to end the devastating civil war

Retributive justice merely leads to generational cycles of violence. And the civilians continue to be subjected to rape, torture, death and illegal detentions

Africa in brief: 28 August- 4 September

This is what happened on the African continent this past week

Bribery to get public services is increasing in parts of Africa

Research by Afrobarometer has found that almost three in 10 respondents (28%) said they had paid a bribe in the past year

Mozambique insurgency: focus needs to shift to preventing criminality at sea

Mozambique is in no position to contribute significantly to the broader array of maritime security endeavours. That’s why international partners need to play a role

US sanctions Eritrean army chief over rights abuses

The US treasury accuses the defence force of massacres, looting, rape and torture in Tigray

Unvaccinated, untreated: Africa may not get its fair share of Covid-19 drugs

Only 18 countries are using dexamethasone, while tocilizumab and sarilumab can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars a dose

Burkina Faso: ‘Assassins’ on trial

Blaise Compaoré has gone down in history as the man directly responsible for the assasination of Thomas Sankara. He will stand trial in the capital Ouagadougou, along with 13 other co-accused

Kenyan judges stop president’s reforms as attempt to ‘dismember’ the constitution

The Court of Appeal of Kenya has upheld the High Court’s ruling that attempts to overhaul the country’s constitution violated its basic structures

Kenya: How the ‘Chameleon’ Jomo Kenyatta did it

On the 43rd anniversary of Jomo Kenyatta’s death, Kwame Otiende looks at how the wily politician managed to become a darling of the West and deal ruthlessly with opponents at home

Africa in brief: August 21 – 28

What's been happening on the continent this week?

Zambia 2021: The voice of the people triumphs once more

Lungu’s defeat in the Zambian elections will be a constant reminder to the new government that the Zambian people have the power to vote for change

Eswatini cop says ‘not in my name’

A police officer has fled the country after making allegations of human rights abuses

#BringBackOurGirls: A story of the Nigerian girls’ rescue

When 276 schoolgirls were kidnapped by Boko Haram from a remote area in Nigeria, the world called for their rescue. A new book, Bring Back Our Girls: The Untold Story of the Global Search for Nigeria’s Missing Schoolgirls, gives the details of how 164 were freed.