Tanzania’s John Magufuli: a brilliant start but an ignominious end

Magufuli will be remembered for rolling back Tanzania’s democratic gains, making the country an unwelcome investment destination and denying the existence of the Covid-19 pandemic

Dakar protests: A day at the ‘stone factory’

The Continent observed the demonstrations outside Dakar’s Cheikh Anta Diop University

Ousmane Sonko’s support highlights waning separatist sentiment in Casamance

Until recently, many Casamancaise complained that Senegal would never accept a national political leader from the region – and this complaint fuelled the separatist sentiment

Deadly explosions blast open Equatorial Guinea’s dysfunctional governance

The blasts were a result of poorly stored explosives at a military base in the city, President Teodoro Obiang said in a statement on Sunday night

31 years after independence, Namibians aren’t in a festive mood

Namibians celebrated when the southern African nation gained independence on 21 March 1990. Henning Melber explains why Namibians are not in a festive mood as they mark 31 years of freedom

Crafting credible election commissions in West Africa

There are several ways West African countries can strengthen their election management, but election commissions must constantly evolve if they are to oversee elections that reflect the will of voters

LRA’s Ongwen: A critical first ICC conviction

Lord’s Resistance Army leader found guilty of forced pregnancy charges in landmark case

SADC’s silence on access to Covid-19 vaccines is too loud

All people living in Southern Africa need equitable vaccine access. Time is short and our people are dying, so the regional body should act fast

Stop Zambia’s digital squeeze

A proposed cyber law will muzzle Zambians and restrict the opposition ahead of the elections

Investigate crimes in Tigray now, or risk a fragmented Ethiopia

For any investigation to be successful, evidence must be collected before it degrades

Judgments and jurisprudence: Presiding over presidential petitions in Africa

The verdicts handed down in Kenya and Malawi set a precedent that the quality of an election and the environment in which the election is held do matter and have a bearing on the outcome, regardless of numbers

Meet Norman Chisale, Malawi’s richest bodyguard

Norman Chisale, the former Malawian president’s security chief, is struggling to account for his enormous wealth.

West Africa readies for Ebola battle

Guinea is fighting the virus with a vaccine used in the DRC, while their neighbours Sierra Leone and Liberia increase border surveillance

The stunning fall from grace of Zimbabwe’s vice-president

Kembo Mohadi resigned this week after allegedly conducting not one but two extramarital affairs while in office

It’s time to start taking West Africa’s legislative contests more seriously

Observers should watch the parliamentary race more closely, as it provides a more nuanced indication of how voters evaluate their government

‘We can’t afford to become the Covid continent’

The Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention only launched in 2017, but between Ebola, measles and the Covid-19 pandemic, it has had its work cut out for it. The agency’s director Dr John Nkengasong speaks to The Continent about the vaccine rollout and the turn of the tide in Tanzania

Living with Long Covid in Lagos

Most people recover from Covid‑19 quickly, but Long Haulers in Nigeria are turning to one another for support

The many faces of Idi Amin

Was he a joke, an oaf, a hero, or the evil dictator the West loved to hate? Decades after his death, his legacy is still a puzzle.

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