Thousands brave Sudan lockdown to keep up anti-coup protests

Activists are calling for a transition to civilian rule. Witnesses reported similar anti-coup protests in Madani, south of the capital, and the cities of Kassala and Port Sudan in the east.

Niger expels eight Rwandans linked to 1994 genocide

Of the eight names listed, four were convicted of crimes during the genocide by the UN International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda.

The Continent’s Africans of the Year: Navy Malela and Gradi Koko

The bravest bankers: Navy Malela and Gradi Koko refused to stay silent in the face of injustice – even when speaking out carried grave risks for them and their families

The Continent’s Africans of the Year: Agnes Tirop

She was not your property: Agnes Tirop was on track for global superstardom, before her race was brutally cut short.

The Continent’s Africans of the Year: Timnit Gebru

Rage against the machine: If we are not careful, artificial intelligence will replicate the racism inherent in today’s world. Timnit Gebru will not let that happen.

Uganda charges 15 with terrorism over deadly bombings

Uganda was hit by a series of bombings in October and November that killed five people and injured dozens.

Africans of the Year: Munya Chawawa

Skewering Britain’s ruling elite: The world today is so crazy that it sometimes seems as if it’s beyond satire – unless you’re Zimbabwean-born comic Munya Chawawa

The Continent’s Africans of the Year: Tems and Wizkid

Dancing to their own beat: the Afrobeats sound is conquering the world, with Tems and WizKid at the vanguard

The Continent’s Africans of the Year: Mo Salah

Pitch perfect Mo Salah believes he is the best player in the world. Who are we to contradict him?

The Continent’s Africans of the Year: Vanessa Nakate

The activist who forced her way onto front pages: Initially cropped out and sidelined, Ugandan climate activist Vanessa Nakate has now become an essential voice for Africa on the world stage.

King Mswati’s son drags investigative journalist to South African court after damining exposés

Urgent interdict ‘not so urgent’ in Eswatini prince’s bid to gag investigative journalist and editor following reports of alleged royal plot to procure guns in South Africa for further clamp down on protesters

Mozambique’s Rapale camp: A transit to nowhere

The strife in Cabo Delgado has displaced more than 800 000 people. Some have found their way to the Rapale transit centre, where they are struggling to survive as foreign and local forces fight over their homelands.

Armed groups deploy in Libya capital amid tensions over election

The political uncertainty has raised tensions on the ground across Libya, controlled by an array of armed groups in a decade of conflict following the 2011 revolt that overthrew longtime dictator Moamer Kadhafi.

Seventy-five African journalists imprisoned for doing their jobs

Across Africa, 12 countries were keeping at least 75 journalists behind bars as of 1 December ― not counting those who were detained and released

Eswatini youth: ‘Nothing to lose’

More than 100 young protesters were killed by the police, sparking outrage against the king

TPLF rebels announce retreat towards Ethiopia’s Tigray

The move marks a major reversal by the rebels, who previously dismissed the government's insistence on their withdrawal from Afar and Amhara as "an absolute non-starter" for talks to begin.

Omicron variant: The West finds yet another reason to keep Africans out

Thanks to the Omicron variant, it is harder than ever for Africans to travel – even though public health experts say the restrictions make no sense

To win in 2023, Zimbabwe’s opposition will have to court the military

Although 2023 might seem a long way off, Zimbabwe is already in campaign mode because parties, civil society groups and the government all know that elections can be won, lost and rigged well in advance