Africans want consensual democracy – why is that reality so hard to accept?

It is both misleading and patronising to suggest that democracy has somehow been imposed by the international community against the wishes of ordinary people. Instead, it has been demanded and fought for from below

Launching Nepad: devil is in the detail

Details of a mechanism to compel African states to practise good governance would still take some time to be finalised.

Low turn-out marks 2nd round elections in Mali

The impoverished African nation of Mali voted in the second round of parliamentary elections on Sunday, but with most people ignoring calls to vote and leaving polling stations largely deserted.

Zimbabwe’s economy heads for meltdown

Restaurant customers in Zimbabwe pay with thick wads of local currency bulging in their bags and pockets. Real estate buyers hand over deposits of millions of Zimbabwean dollars stuffed into suitcases and car trunks.

Carriers fight for a slice of the African sky

Several foreign and local companies are fighting for a slice of the African skies, which only account for about 2,5% of the global air traffic and witnessed an ''annus horribilis'' in 2001.

Press freedom? In Zimbabwe?

POLICE arrested and charged a columnist for Zimbabwe's only independent daily newspaper on Monday, bringing to eight the number of journalists arrested under harsh new media laws.

Kasbah crumbles, and with it, the heart of Algiers

Centuries of history in the ancient Algiers kasbah are falling away, literally. Once a sparkling white medina, or Islamic city, perched on a hill above a glistening waterfront, the kasbah has become an overcrowded home with unsteady walls.

Peer system won’t be tested on Zimbabwe… yet

It is too early to use Zimbabwe as a test case for the peer review mechanism proposed in the New Partnership for Africa's Development.

Lesotho poll free, but not fair, says opposition

Lesotho's ruling party is headed for an overwhelming win in parliamentary elections, but the main opposition party has rejected the preliminary results.

UN reveals the ‘hard facts’ about Africa’s future

Rapid population growth, wars and high levels of national debt, disasters and disease have all taken their toll on the people and the rich natural environment of Africa over the past thirty years.

Rwanda heals wounds of genocide

Survivors of Rwanda's 1994 genocide and relatives of those jailed for their alleged role in the massacres hope that this week's revival of traditional village courts will help ease the pain.

Unheralded and unnoticed, a nation is born

A new nation is being created, almost unnoticed, in troubled Horn of Africa.

Kaunda warned: Retire or you’ll be humiliated

Kenneth Kaunda's power is threatened.

Young lion prepares to challenge for leadership

Zambian elections: It looks like the end of the road for an African strong-man.