The DA’s Harksen morass

With each passing day that Jurgen Harksen gives evidence in a packed chamber of the Western Cape provincial administration building it becomes clearer that the Democratic Alliance is in dreadful trouble. The weight of evidence is overwhelming.

The (r)evolution of panties

The history of panties observed from a male perspective does not inspire confidence, especially since men have been known to play a rather unsavoury and unwelcome part in making sure women wore as hideous a style of underwear as possible.

Tell me how to live ‘normally’

A year ago I was raped. With a gun pointed to my head, I gave up my independence to a stranger because I was afraid. It seemed a better choice to give him his few minutes of pleasure and walk away with my life. Like Magardie, I didn't think rape was the worst thing that could happen to anyone.

The blame game

Africans must find their own solutions to their problems rather than pointing fingers. Dinesh D'Souza's two cheers for colonialism must look exceptionally preposterous to some. If I were John Matshikiza I wouldn't have reacted as furiously as he.

A high society is a good society

One measure of a good society is whether individuals are free to do as they choose on matters that principally concern only them. The debate about heroin, cocaine and marijuana touches precisely on this.

Roaring success

The opening match of the 2002 World Cup pits one of Africa's brightest hopes, Senegal, against France, the current champions and the country where every Senagalese player earns a living. Brian Oliver on the Lions' 10-year rise -- and meeting the coach.

The Cape of clowns

The ''Cape Doctor'', the vicious south-east wind, might be blowing across the Peninsula. But it is having no sort of cleansing or curative effect on the malodorous morass of Western Cape politics

We need to structure our environment to combat Aids

About 160 000 to 200 000 people have died of Aids-related illnesses in South Africa to date. The disruption by HIV/Aids of all aspects of our society will be so profound that it is impossible to imagine

A colonised intellect

John Matshikiza hits back at revisionist Indian scholar Dinesh D'Souza's defence of colonialism. What if Shaka had been left alone to build an unprecedented empire on the southern tip of Africa?

The jailhouse rot

Evidence before the Jali commission has highlighted the gross dereliction of leadership in prisons. 'It's like a plot in a movie script,'' said East Coast Radio presenter Anisa Ussuph

Nepad should be driven by the people

The New Partnership for Africa's Development (Nepad) is a unique opportunity to improve governance and lure investment but its conception of government accountability will have to be redefined

I’m having my wings done

DR JOE Rosen is not a quack. He works at the acclaimed Dartmouth Medical Centre and has been a scientific adviser to Nasa. He is fond of making statements such as: ''Human wings will be here. Mark my words.''

In the dock with Dr Death

April 11 is judgement day for Wouter Basson, but it seems he may not have much to worry about

In a pickle

NON omnis moriar, says the Latin poet: not all of me will die. So which body parts do we want to live after us? Thanks to US science you really can cheat death - or bits of you can. At a price, of course.

Out, damned spot!

Selby Baqwa is no protector of the public, as shown by his report on the ''tainted tiara''. Stefaans Brummer ventriloquises...

Nepad requires African solutions

President Thabo Mbeki has repeatedly stressed the importance of establishing a credible and effective African Peer Review Mechanism to help decide which countries benefit Nepad

Investigation is not a witch-hunt

There is, then, an important distinction to be made between ''whistle-blowing'' for the public good and leaking information that breaches confidentiality clauses and codes of ethics

Two cheers for colonialism

Controversial, conservative Indian scholar Dinesh D'Souza argues that against its intentions the West brought things to the colonies that have immeasurably enriched the lives of the descendants of colonialism.