Out, damned spot!

Selby Baqwa is no protector of the public, as shown by his report on the ''tainted tiara''. Stefaans Brummer ventriloquises...

Nepad requires African solutions

President Thabo Mbeki has repeatedly stressed the importance of establishing a credible and effective African Peer Review Mechanism to help decide which countries benefit Nepad

Investigation is not a witch-hunt

There is, then, an important distinction to be made between ''whistle-blowing'' for the public good and leaking information that breaches confidentiality clauses and codes of ethics

Two cheers for colonialism

Controversial, conservative Indian scholar Dinesh D'Souza argues that against its intentions the West brought things to the colonies that have immeasurably enriched the lives of the descendants of colonialism.

Where can judges’ noses go?

IT IS unlikely that South Africa's Constitutional Court judges have been sleeping well this autumn. Next week's hearing on the provision of nevirapine to HIV-positive pregnant women puts them in an invidious position.

Facelift for an old lady

The Augusta National golf course has been toughened up for next week's Masters

There is no moral high ground

Amid the acres of newsprint and video footage devoted to the horrific happenings in the Middle East, what is missing is any recognition that there are rights and wrongs on both sides...

How Samora Machel signed his own death warrant

There was motive for the then South African government to kill Mozambique's Samora Machel, and there is plenty of evidence to back up these claims.

Who is Don Mkhwanazi?

South Africa's 'Mr Malaysia' - Don Mkhwanazi has long seen himself as a champion of black economic empowerment.