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Hashtags bear a strange fruit: The visual terror of the #PhoenixMassacre

As vigilante groups stepped in to ‘protect’ their property and families, the visual spectacle of death took on a sinister pleasure in some quarters, with Black lives bearing the brunt of this unbridled proprietarianism

Screen Grab: Finding the soul of New Dork City with John Wilson

In the sweetly neurotic world of How To With John Wilson, we discover the awkward core of the Big Apple

Leora Farber: Up close and uncomfortably personal

Leora Farber’s current installation at Iziko South African National Gallery unleashes a plethora of associations and emotions

Wild seed, wild solace: Moonga K finds his footing

Born in Zambia and raised in Botswana, the songwriter’s career is coming into full bloom in South Africa

The Portfolio: Simon Pamphilon

An enthusiastic amateur lucks out on a goofy footer in Port Alfred

Inside the head of a Mutant

A film more about an entire culture than one man’s place in it, Mutant gives new meaning to the phrase ‘bigger than hip-hop’

A leap too far for the imagination

‘Baghdad Central’ lacks authenticity, like so many films about foreign lands made by foreigners

Steve Kekana: Blind, brilliant and bold as love

When news of the passing of one of SA’s most iconic musicians broke, Bongani Madondo revisited his songbook and located him in the global pantheon of the greatest vocalists, ever

A landscape is politicised through events taking place in: Senzo Shabangu’s ‘ Humble Abode’ exhibition

Senzo Shabangu’s solo exhibition, showing as part of the National Arts Festival, interrogates the contradictions of   life in Makhanda

The Portfolio: Stories of our Soil explores womanhood, nature and exploitation

Once we have borne the brunt of what has happened to us, we must decide to begin again and change ourselves

Screen Grab: Watching the Euros is shockingly good

If you can look past the bad SuperSport suits and live-action heart attacks, the Euros offer a seductive glimpse of a post-pandemic world

The Portfolio: Senzo Shabangu on not being scared of colour

The artist is associated with printmaking, but he wants us to remember that it all starts with a drawing

Sabelo Mkhabela’s top five podcasts

The writer of our podcast feature selects five of his favourites

Like, subscribe and comment: The rise of podcasting in South Africa

Podcasts are gaining prominence as a tool to document South African popular culture, but they still have a long way to go as a medium and business

Screen Grab: Ramaphosa, the pixelated prez

Having taken on the form of a spectral apparition, many of us have stopped watching Cyril Ramaphosa’s speeches

Great heart of African literature: Bheki Peterson’s expansive vision of the world

Having conducted the bulk of his study during apartheid, which informed his scholarship, Peterson left us with provocations for the future

The Portfolio: Nest and making forms of knowledge for the future

Egalitarian in design, Nest research forums were driven by vociferous debate and sometimes bitter disagreements about critical political and intellectual positions

Bheki Peterson: Pursuing radical epistemological thought with an understated erudition

The soft-spoken scholar had a towering impact on scholarship, artistic work, teaching practice and activism