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Michael K Williams had a future as a Left activist

He wasn’t just one of the most talented actors in America. He was also in the middle of a political awakening, speaking out on issues ranging from police reform to reducing poverty

The Portfolio: ‘Murder in Paris’ director Enver Samuel

Thirty-three years since Dulcie September’s assassination, a new documentary hopes to bring her name back into the public consciousness

Black Luminosity foregrounded visibility as an act of refusal

The group exhibition at SMAC gallery, curated by Gcotyelwa Mashiqa, revisited the chromatic and social properties of blackness in contemporary South African visual art

The irreverence of Shaleen Surtie-Richards

The actress, who died this week, paved the way for generations of talent

How professionalism, and new business models, are nurturing Nollywood

Nollywood’s production values have undergone tremendous change over the past decade, but is the effect sustainable?

The Portfolio: Niamh Walsh-Vorster

Thought to be politically symbolic, Andires Botha’s sculptures continue to be a contentious piece of pubic art

In praise of African art: How Shona sculpting emerged

How Shona stone art came into its own after independence

Ronnie Govender: ‘Unbowed, unbroken. I am of Africa’

The South African activist and man of letters, who died on 29 April 2021, used language as a weapon to defend the marginalised and reflect upon the people, places and culture that defined him

Your hipster beard has long been problematic

Grégory Pierrot’s analysis of the deep roots of white supremacy and black exploitation in hipster culture in Decolonise Hipsters also offers a way out

N|uu book waters the seed of the decolonisation project

Katrina Esau’s The Ostrich and the Tortoise aims to preserve N|uu for its next generation of speakers

The Portfolio: Siyabonga Mahlaba

The Reformed Structures photographic series marries Siya Mahlaba’s love for architecture and photography with his inquiry into segregation in the Dutch Reformed Church

Umshini uyakhuluma: Technology encroaches on the human touch in Nguni Machina

The metric of success for Vulane Mthembu’s Nguni Machina won’t be how many people stream it, but if listeners can’t tell if the music was made by artificial intelligence

Pope Zille speaks her truth: Go woke stay broke

Helen Zille decries using ‘lived experience’ in woke arguments, but does so herself in her latest book, says Shaun de Waal

Women stand-up comedians in Zimbabwe talk about sex – and patriarchy

Regarded as an unserious practice, stand-up comedy in Zim is one of the few spaces where women have an audience

what life; i insist on dying here

Mbe Mbhele meditates on death and blackness on the occasion of his father’s funeral

[BR]OTHER: Xenophobia born of dreams deferred

A new book of images and essays about the Afrophobic violence in South Africa attempts to take the narrative forward

Characters are landscapes in ‘This is not a Burial, It’s a Resurrection’

The fêted This is not a Burial, It’s a Resurrection finally hits national cinemas on 21 May. Director Lemohang Mosese speaks about working with Mary Twala Mhlongo, mothers, and more

The Portfolio: Thandokuhle Ngcobo

The photographer’s study looks at appearance-based prejudice

State of emergency: The rise and the alchemy of the people’s hit

South African artists found a musical identity and a way to code political messages in the anxious 80s