One for the road

Leaving Las Vegas is a pretty uncompromising look at the lives of two no-hopers loose in Las Vegas, who stumble across each other and...

Polanski’s Roman empire

<B>CINEMA:</B><B> DEATH AND THE MAIDEN</B> Jonathan Romney speaks to director Roman Polanski, whose new film is released this week.

Polly Street days again

<B>FINE ART: </B>The Artists' Proof Studio, reviewed by Ian Tromp.

Venice: A site of memory

Nearly three decades of sanctions and boycotts will have ended as Cape Town artist Malcolm Payne unveils his piece for the Venice Biennale.

Something new, something old

Despite its expensive, chequered past, the newly opened Museum Africa successfully exposes South African history from a rarely seen angle.

Upping local content on TV

The two big boys of broadcasting -- the SABC and M-Net -- are at last starting to do something about that great thing called local content.

The jobless laugh, limp and die the American way

A nice, bloody morning in the cheap seats at the bug-house.

ANC history simplified and timely

Holland has said in an interview that <i>The Struggle</i> is intended for South African whites; her aim is to “de-demonise" the ANC.

Relly and Bloom to meet Mandela

Nelson Mandela is to meet Anglo-American Corporation chief Gavin Relly and former Premier Group chairman Tony Bloom.

Mandela life story: pure hero worship but original

According to Fatima Meer, Nelson Mandela wrote an autobiography in the late 1970s.

Are you the great South African novelist?

Enter the Weekly Mail's new literary competition.