Beating cancer at its own game

The five steps below could reduce deaths from cancer in South Africa, according to the Cancer Association's head of research, Dr Carl Albrecht.

Lay workers on frontline in fight against child mortality in Malawi

Resource-lean, short of professionals and prone to food crises, Malawi doesn't look like a candidate for any of the millennium development goals.

Misery living off Kenyan rubbish dump

Health campaigners want to close a dump in Nairobi that spreads disease, but thousands of scavengers rely on it for survival.

HIV budgets come under pressure

The times of plenty funding for the fight against HIV are over, and the lean years come at a time when the need for funding is rising.

Blame game gets Gauteng nowhere

Until politics takes a back seat, people will continue to die in the province's hospitals.

Laughing to death is not funny

In some people, intense emotion or a sudden shock can cause the heart to malfunction.

Light shines at the end of the HIV tunnel

For the first time an Aids vaccine in our lifetime is possible, but scientists need money and support to make it work.

Rural hospitals in terminal crisis

Rural hospitals are struggling across South Africa - that they function at all is too often not thanks to the state, but the work of Good Samaritans.

Emergency care is an acute need

Every day, peopledie or have serious long-term health problems because of continued failure to provide access to effective acute and emergency care.

HIV takes toll on child development

A physiotherapist is pioneering research on an overlooked issue: the effect on mind and body.

Women’s Month: Turn empty platitudes into action

Until all women are safe and have access to health services, Women's Month will mean nothing, writes Marion Stevens.

Pill-popping insomniacs need an urgent wake-up call

One in 10 Britons regularly take a drug to help them to sleep. But is it time to stop popping zopiclone, temazepam and other tablets?

Cancer stakes its territory

Mia Malan speaks to Dr Carl Albrecht, head of research at the Cancer Association of South Africa, to gauge the state of the disease locally.

A pill a day could keep HIV away

A new report says men are able to plan their sex lives better than women and the day of the week on which the fewest people have sex is Tuesday.

Clash over HIV drug’s ‘success’

Pressure's mounting on SA's Medicines Control Council to register the use of Truvada by the HIV-negative to lower chances of being infected with HIV.

Channelling the energy of ADHD

Sport has helped many people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder to focus and build their self-esteem, writes Patrick Barkham.

Lower profit claims go up in smoke

A study has shown that a ban on smoking in restaurants does not affect business negatively.

Hydration myth exposed

Anyone who has visited the Olympic Park will not have missed the ubiquitous branding of two of its sponsors, McDonald's and Coca-Cola.