Don’t send Mandela to Lusaka, says ANC

After her visit yesterday, Mrs Mandela spoke briefly to the press. She is banned and cannot be quoted, but she had nothing to add to the speculation.

The Soweto man who started disinvestment

The refugee from Soweto who helped get the disinvestment ball rolling in the United States during the seventies, talks to <b>Louise Haysom</b>.

The Nelson Mandela I know: By his minister

Letter to the Editor:<i>Weekly Mail</i> September 27 to October 3 1985.

History without the textbooks

The home-made paper frames which adorn the family photographs in Crossroad shacks inspired the art of Sue Williamson. Here she talks to Rose Korber.

Liberal delegation can’t see Mandela

A fact-finding delegation of Liberal International Parliamentarians has asked permission for a second time to visit imprisoned ANC leader Mandela.

Decoding the thoughts of prisoner Mandela

The State President quotes him to prove a point... People risk detention to demand his release. Patrick Laurence on the Mandela mystique.

Mxenge death sparks Durban bloodshed

The murder of Durban lawyer Victoria Mxenge has sparked off intense violence in the townships surrounding Durban.

Winnie stays away from ‘danger’ home

Winnie Mandela has not returned to her house because of her lawyers fears for her safety.

Victoria Mxenge and the ‘act of cowardice’

Three weeks ago, Victoria Mxenge commented on the murders of four Cradock leaders at their funeral. "A dastardly act of cowardices" she said.

Front-page apology ends news boycott

The 10-week boycott of the <i>Daily Dispatch</i> has ended after a front-page apology by the newspaper's management.

Half-Nelson grip on the embassy

The move "will send a clear message to the world that those of us in the nation's capital fully support the efforts to free Mandela..."

Be a doll and carry the right passport

Each doll came complete with adoption certificate. The rice paddy dolls carry Hong Kong British passports.

Top-level probe into Renamo claim

The government has launched a top-level inquiry into allegations that members of the police have been co-opening with Renamo.

Secret SA plan for right-wing indaba

Their plan is to launch an international right-wing students' federation called "Youth for Freedom".

Rhema Ministeries South Africa

With the dedication of its new "super church" just north of Randpark Ridge, Rhema Ministeries South Africa is bound to become even more controversial.

Detention deaths up since ’77

Detention-related deaths have increased dramatically despite assurances to the contrary by the Minister of Law and Order, Louis Le Grange.

Influx reforms ‘piecemeal’

Black political and civic organisations have reacted to the proposed changes in influx control by calling on the government to scrap influx control.

Detainees link SAP men to Renamo

A number of people detained in the Eastern Transvaal in the last few months have signed affidavits.

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