Holiday time in Maputo.

Albie Sachs, bound for the beach, opens his car ... and it explodes.

Mines’ Aids crisis deepens

2 500 identified as carriers. But some experts put figure at 4 000.

Army want ECC case in camera

Five hours after the End Conscription Campaign served legal papers on ''the minister of defence and the officer commanding Western Province Command,

No handshakes this time, as students march on Pretoria

As the procession approached, policemen turned away journalists, saying it was a security area.

The ‘secret war’ gets ever more dirty

Murders in Paris and Lesotho, cross-border raids, bombings ... diplomacy has taken a black seat.

Two police guilty of murder

Court finds Brixton man La Grange lied about 'ANC deaths'.

Grassroots has two weeks to make representations to Stoffel Botha.

Grassroots has two weeks to make representations to Stoffel Botha.

Weekly Mail receives another missive from Botha

Minister of Home Affairs and Communications Stoffel Botha has invited Weekly Mail to ''supplement or adjust'' its representations to him.

What New Nation would have said …

They banned the New Nation and damned it to silence because it dared to reflect the violence of apartheid.

Sharpeville to be mourned – despite the clampdown

Monday is Sharpeville day and will be mourned by a variety of organisations ranging from ''Charterist'' to black consciousness groups.

The Sharpeville Six the pain … the joy

In Sharpeville, almost 1 000 people prayed for a last-minute miracle at a church service in the local Dutch Reformed Church at noon yesterday.

Twenty-eight years later Sharpeville bleeds again

Sharpeville was sombre this week, with an air of heavy gloom pervading the dusty streets of the tiny Vaal Triangle township.

Looking at the ‘Sharpeville Six’ – one by one

Theresa Ramashamola was convicted of murder and subversion for shouting: ''He is shooting at us, let's kill him,''...

A diary lost at kidnap site leads trial to … army HQ

A ''hit squad'' accused of abducting and assaulting Duduza activist Vusi Mashabane has been traced to military headquarters in Johannesburg.

SADF threw fake ECC pamphlets from ‘copter, court hears

The court heard claims the SADF manufactured posters reading ''ECC does it from behind'' and ''ECC members are yellow.

The women strike a shut door

Fedtraw members stage International Women's Day protest outside Chamber of Mines headquarters in Johannesburg.

PW shuffles his cabinet

President PW Botha announced a minor cabinet reshuffle last night.

Uncertain future faces New Nation

The New Nation newspaper faces an uncertain future following the Rand Supreme Court ruling this week.