Portrait of a brave, wit kaffir

We were drinking beer at a Windhoek hotel. A couple of toughs yelled at Anton Lubowski: Jou wit kaffir!

Nujoma flies home

The end of a long, long wait Sam Nujoma sets foot on Namibian soil after 30 years in exile.

Election night ‘war’ leaves 23 dead and scores hurt

Cape Flats townships became battle zones on election night leaving at least 23 people dead and scores injured by police gunshots.

A police officer points a finger at his own colleagues

After 12 years as a policeman, Lieutenant Gregor Rockman made an unprecedented decision on the day of the election.

The gatvol factor that knocked the Nats

The National Party took a hammering from the left and the right. They lost their traditional volk base to the Conservative Party.

Witnesses tell of an event we can’t describe

Police say it didn't happen. What didn't happen?

Times Media found guilty of quoting Gwala

Newspapers can be found guilty of quoting listed persons whether they intended to do so or not.

Never underestimate the Nat machine

FW de Klerk had one moment of public spontaneity in his two days of talks in Zambia and Zaire.

Everyone’s chasing the Hillbrow gay vote

The National Party and the Democratic Party are making a strong play for the votes of gay residents in Hillbrow.

100 held in 24 hours, say police

Just five days before the general election, police have swooped on anti-election protestors and defiance campaigners across the country.

Unions plan industrial action

Leaders of the mass democratic movement and the National Council of Trade Unions have both announced plans for nationwide industrial action.

A single weekend that can change a lifetime

Most “delegates” have weary expressions on their faces after their experiences in the township.

‘Censor’ who met ANC quits board

Lynda Gilfillan, an English lecturer at Pretoria University resigned from the Publications Appeal Board this week.

Nujoma’s wife was in Swapo jail, say ex-detainees

Free Namibian dissidents tell of 'McCarthy-like witch-hunts' of intellectuals.

The sky stays up in Boksburg

Acting state president and National Party leader FW de Klerk addressing an election meeting.

If you’d been here, ‘birthday boy’, you’d have loved it

​More than 700 people went to the birthday party - but the ''birthday boy'' wasn't there.

The Mail in court … but we can’t tell you why

​On Wednesday this week, two Weekly Mail journalists appeared in a Johannesburg court.

FW tells how report led to PW’s panic

​Acting State President FW de Klerk this week suggested that inferences were made as a result of reports in … a little paper called the Weekly Mail.