Named: Stoffel’s secret censor

The first details have emerged of the secret panel of experts who will advise Minister of Home Affairs Stoffel Botha on censorship.

Geneva protects me – ANC accused

The protocol, which supplements the Geneva Convention of 1949, relates to the protection of victims of international armed conflicts.

Steve Biko: The man who refused to submit

On the anniversary of Biko's Death, Patrick Laurence assesses the relevance of his ideas.

Why the Biko ideas continue to be potent

The resolve of Black Consciousness to free black people from psychological self-oppression was captured in Biko's celebrated phrase:

Varsity heads to De Klerk: Hands off!

Wits University is understood to have asked the Minister of National Education, FW De Klerk, to withdraw his proposals

Monday at work for returned postal strikers

The PTTI threatened international disruption of South Africa's communication links if a settlement was not reached.

Helen Suzman’s strange tale of the mirror-glass minibus

All the men and boys in an East Cape township were rounded up and told to line past a minibus with one-way glass.

We were forced down, claim miners on strike below ground

According to the NUM the workers were locked out last Friday and given until Monday this week to return to work or face dismissal.

The odd message on the station blackboard

The three told Weekly Mail that four white members of the SA Police arrived at the Nyoka home early Monday morning.

My prison years on the island

Journalist Thami Mkhwanazi continues his remarkable memoirs of the life on Robben Island.

The striker who went home to starve

And to watch his neighbours queuing for his job.

The press: Be censored or be damned!

For the first time, the government has given itself the power to approve or censor - the contents of a newspaper before publication.

My years on Robben Island

Journalist Thami Mkhwanazi, recently released after seven years in prison, continues his series on life behind the cell doors of Robben Island prison.

The State President’s master plan to combat the revolutionary onslaught

The State President has called upon the press to help combat the revolutionary onslaught which threatens the country.

7 000 miners face sacking

More than 7 000 black miners are facing dismissal rather than break South Africa's largest strike ever, which ends its second week today.

Weekly Mail film festival censored

The entire video programme of the Weekly Mail Festival of South African Cinema was yesterday thrown off Stellenbosch University Campus.

Sacked editor Tony Heard speaks

The million rand 'hush money' fired editor Heard turned down

Inside Robben Island

For the first time in a South African newspaper: a glimpse behind the cell doors of Robben Island prison.