The press: Be censored or be damned!

For the first time, the government has given itself the power to approve or censor - the contents of a newspaper before publication.

My years on Robben Island

Journalist Thami Mkhwanazi, recently released after seven years in prison, continues his series on life behind the cell doors of Robben Island prison.

The State President’s master plan to combat the revolutionary onslaught

The State President has called upon the press to help combat the revolutionary onslaught which threatens the country.

7 000 miners face sacking

More than 7 000 black miners are facing dismissal rather than break South Africa's largest strike ever, which ends its second week today.

Weekly Mail film festival censored

The entire video programme of the Weekly Mail Festival of South African Cinema was yesterday thrown off Stellenbosch University Campus.

Sacked editor Tony Heard speaks

The million rand 'hush money' fired editor Heard turned down

Inside Robben Island

For the first time in a South African newspaper: a glimpse behind the cell doors of Robben Island prison.

As strike heats up, Anglo warn: We may call SAP

Miners at Embalenhle chant slogans as the massive NUM strike, involving more than 200 000 workers, gets underway.

PW waves the big stick

PW Botha lambasted the recent Dakar talks with the ANC and said the banned organisation was ''laughing up its sleeves at the naivete.

Mandela today

As told by a colleague who spent three years with him. Journalist recently released after seven years in prison.

Legal academic calls on judges to resign

Finally, Cameron questions the decision of former Chief Justice Pierre Rabie to accept a post as acting chief justice.

Miners’ strike begins

And wave of disputes hits other sectors

Police admit liability for Langa massacre

The papers also denied the police major, who applied for an order prohibiting funerals, had acted negligently.

‘Street cleaners’ trap stone-throwers

A teacher at the school said he saw men in ''cream-coloured'' overalls chasing pupils across Modderdam Road.

Alex today

The gunfire has ended, replaced by the clatter of building. So why are the residents so unimpressed?

Blast may be in ‘retaliation’

Seconds after yesterday's blast in central Johannesburg ... a car burns, a policeman runs, by-standers check for further bombs under cars.

Kidnap accused fought in SA

The prosecutor, Michael Bibby, said Evan Dennis Evans had spent a considerable time in the Rhodesian forces.

Eight weeks … 11 fatal mine accidents

The National Union of Mineworkers has called for a government-appointed commission of enquiry.