The six prisoners who were released

Lawyers and friends of the freed men ... said news of their release had come as a surprise.

Buthelezi keeps his cool with PW (but loses it with the media)

The President and the Chief meet, exchange mild compliments but keep a wary distance.

Pompous? Not me, says Buthelezi

Carmel Rickard reports on the case in which Mangosuthu Buthelezi is sueing Frontline magazine.

Banned readings at Book Week

Banned books will be read aloud during the Weekly Mail Book Week, which begins in Cape Town on Monday night.

My years on Robben Island with Mbeki

Journalist Thami Mkhwanazi spent nearly half of his seven year sentence on Robben Island, much of the time in the same section as Govan Mbeki.

Freed Mbeki speaks

Weeks of speculation end as Rivonia man is finally released.

Behind the Inkatha-UDF violence

Behind the lines in a bloody war which has claimed 150 lives.

My holiday abroad. With a grey-permed Mandela

It was raining in London on the day they released Mandela.

All quiet at Bop polls. And two days after, no results

The Weekly Mail visited several areas in the Odi-Moretele district of Bophuthatswana on election day.

Open universities gear for nationwide protests

It was hoped all the ''open'' universities would take the same action, at the same time on the same day.

Missile attack on oil depot heats Gulf tensions

A US-owned supertanker was hit on the previous day, causing minor damage.

Riddle of UK hand in anti-ANC kidnap plot

The African National Congress has demanded an explanation from the British government for the court decision to free the three alleged kidnappers.

Oliver Tambo at 70

His followers regard the ANC chief as a Moses who'll part the waters of Limpopo. His enemies greet him at airports with tyres around their necks.

Cyril jets out to take his prize

- the Olaf Palme Peace Prize.

State cracks down on varsity funds

About 80 percent of university funds come from the government.

Blacks do back sanctions, warns survey

Despite hardships, support for pressure higher than in 1985.

Empty breadbins as the bakers strike

A placard at one of the four bakeries involved spelt out the workers' message: ''Tools down, time is gone - we want a living wage.''

How many homeless? Flood fiqures can differ by tenfold

The official death toll in the Natal floods has soared above 250 and with over 150 people reported missing it is expected to rise still further.