OPINION| Liliesleaf Farm is a vital part of South Africa’s history that needs to be preserved

The secret headquarters of the anti-apartheid struggle and the events that took place there in the early 1960s hold stories well worth sharing

OPINION| Global nuclear disarmament is long overdue

The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons is a step in the right direction, but the world will remain unbalanced while nine states still hold these dangerous weapons

Heed the youth on climate change

To force a climate breakthrough, leaders must listen to and promote the stories of young people

Girls need ICT training to thrive in Fourth Industrial Revolution

There is a danger that they will be locked out of various job opportunities if they continue to be excluded from these educational fields

Much more than the ANC needs to go to forge a better South Africa

The class structure and capitalism have to be challenged to reimagine a viable and just country

OPINION | Human-wildlife conflict rages amid a changing climate

There are a number of approaches available to mitigate the effects of this devastating clash

Focus on delivery for North West, Bushy Maape

If the premier loves the people of the province, he should not stand for an ANC leadership position

OPINION| Due diligence needs to be more than a box-ticking exercise

Voluntarism is not enough to ensure that transnational companies such as Shell consult people likely to be affected by their proposed activities

ANC will be defeated because of its betrayal of South Africa’s people

Ramaphosa represents a political elite eager to appease corporate South Africa and foreign investment. Opposing this faction is a kleptocratic formation keen to amass wealth through the abuse of state funds.

OPINION| Operation Dudula is a symptom of unresolved colonial and political issues

The movement purports to only encourage the government to act on undocumented immigrants but that’s a falsehood and its activities are criminal

OPINION| Social media: The new Star Chamber

People can be judged, found guilty and punished for posts they made years before and in a specific context

OPINION| We can learn good lessons from Australia’s ‘Green wave’ election

The Greens made good gains, as did the ‘teals’ standing as independents in conservative bases

OPINION| Taking aim at corruption and bribery

A non-trial resolution framework would go a long way to helping the state combat cases that would otherwise have slipped through the net

Eskom caught in a web of dysfunctionality

The power utility is owed huge amounts of money by municipalities — and then there’s sabotage to contend with

Spy boss Fraser brings out his wrecking ball

As J Edgar Hoover did during his long tenure as FBI boss, South Africa’s former spy chief has seemingly amassed potentially damaging information on leading figures in the ANC

OPINION | Our small businesses face big problems

Small, medium and micro enterprises are vital to the economy yet there is much more the government can do to help them grow

ANC lacks the political will to push economic transformation

Ramaphosa’s long delays in appointing the new BEE Advisory Council shows he has little interest in allowing others to cash in on the BEE deals that earned him his fortune

Ramaphosa, Rajesh Gupta and the other ‘dead presidents’

Head of state, animal farmer and forex trader: Cyril Ramaphosa’s hustle never stops