Exam rewrite court case disadvantaged the class of 2020

The education body Umalusi was correct in calling for swift and decisive action after two exam paper leaks were discovered. Instead, the decision to rewrite the exams was challenged in court, which is detrimental to school-leavers

Bread and vaccines

Pharmaceutical companies stand to make billions from the Covid-19 pandemic, but the vaccines they have developed are the fruits of the collective labour of all of humanity.

Virtual reality a relief this year

Viewing January 8 off the screen instead of from the middle of a stadium should be the way of the future

Carlos on crossing Hatebridge

As the humanitarian crisis unfolds at the Beitbridge border post, Hatebridge opens for business on Twitter

Leadership key to defeating Covid-19 and tackling global challenges

Good leaders build trust which is essential to health - the foundation of prosperous economies

Who f***ed up SA?

This is an extract from the book 50 People Who F***ed Up South Africa: The Lost Decade by Alexander Parker and Tim Richman, with cartoons by Zapiro

It’s the festive season and I got you!

Despite being the ‘Good Things Guy’, I am also human and have had to deal with anxiety, lockdown rules and heartbreaking requests from ordinary South Africans

Fact-based journalism is best

Governments around the world are imitating the work of independent media and repurposing it for propaganda

2020 in pictures

Mail & Guardian pictures editor Paul Botes presents some of the most striking images of 2020

In celebration of the Basotho hat

Defining human capital in an emerging market

We don’t need more reports about oppression, we need action

By looking at the past and understanding how racism and gender-based violence has lined the hallways of educational institutions, we can learn new ways of being

Mogoeng not a devil’s advocate

The Bible-thumping chief justice really does seem to believe the anti-vaxxing nonsense he preaches

Precipitous parlance in a pandemic

From ‘lockdown’ to ‘new normal’ — 2020 was littered with new words we’d rather forget

Humankind’s search for meaning during Covid

According to Google, the top trending “how to help” searches were: how to help Australia fires, how to help Black Lives Matter, how to help during coronavirus and how to help Beirut

Use of force against millions of protesting farmers will destroy Indian secularism

More than 263-million cultivators and labourers have joined the rights movement against the Modi government’s laws that will push people further into poverty

Five top tech trends for businesses

In a year in which tech came into its own, certain patterns emerged and will set the tone for the future

Democracy at risk

Attempts to discredit election outcomes can be dangerous and the United States would do well to heed the warnings from history

Beyond ‘net zero’

Why real climate leadership requires public finance institutions to commit to stop funding fossil fuels

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