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What South Africa can learn from the crisis

The national security apparatus needs an overhaul, but this is the moment to be deliberate yet bold, instead of rash and instinctive

We have blood on our hands, ANC’s Mathews Phosa says

We want to hear about steps taken, people arrested, people charged and sentenced in courts of law


Those of us living in relatively comfortable homes may have been rattled and shaken up but the real deep problem in this country is inequality

Township reconstruction: The blueprint for a post-looting economy

Don’t rebuild malls. They draw in a lot of energy and money, but give back little

Fact or fable: Will cannabis be Africa’s economic saviour?

Local farmers need to be included in the process of growing and distribution to create a sustainable market

We are angry. We are anxious.We are traumatised.

We fought for freedom, for autonomy. Now we are traumatised. Our country has allowed its majority to live in conditions that the rich would not accept for their dogs

From pandemic crisis to a better South Africa

The time has come for radical reforms that unleash the potential of all South Africans to create small businesses and jobs, and for the government to fix the education, health and other essential systems

Crisis is an opportunity to heal South Africa’s divisive spatial geographies

Apartheid architecture still strips many of dignity; they are on the periphery and rendered invisible

This is who we may become …

This week’s looting under the guise of protests may not be a true reflection of us, but are a harbinger of a world to come

Healing wounds

African families as allies for the human rights of LGBTQI+ and gender-diverse persons

For the first time in my life, I’m all out of jokes

I’m no longer in fear of the virus. But it’s not because I got my jab. It’s because other fears have taken over. Who knows when I’ll get groceries, or petrol, nevermind a vaccine

Privilege in a time of civil unrest

Not thinking about your position critically is an affront to marginalised people the world over

Making sense of the South African ‘volcano’

Three texts through which to understand current unrest in South Africa – by Slavoj Žižek, Frantz Fanon and Alan Paton

Shocking service delivery in informal settlements

Broken taps and toilets are the last thing shack dwellers need in the midst of a pandemic

The filthy state of our taxi ranks needs to be addressed

There is wealth in waste – cleaning up taxi ranks can be a source of income

This unrest speaks a language the ANC understands very well

The perpetrators of apartheid were treated with wisdom and forgiveness, but is the same true of how we are treating current leaders?

We must recover our moral authority, the ubuntu to deal with violence

Contemporary traditions of ubuntu have cut Africans off from memories and systems of thought about when and how to fight

Law-abiding licenced gun owners are not responsible for violent crime

Proposed bill to ban private gun ownership contradicts research and impact assessment findings

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