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Economic growth is destroying the planet

Ecosocialism will build solidarity with people to establish food and water commons, carbon-free public transport and community-owned renewable energy

To tackle climate change properly, the world will need Africa’s help

Next year, COP27 will be hosted in an African country, but by then it may be too late for the continent to get the assistance it needs

Social welfare: Investment not debt, taxation and consumption

A rebuttal to Colin Coleman’s remarks at the National Investment Dialogue suggests South Africa certainly has a debt problem

Is too much service delivery killing South Africa’s democracy?

Citizens want a meaningful say in how they are governed, not local government that foists on them what it has decided the people need.

Suicide crisis soars in South Africa

There are few programmes that deal with mental illness, so the cycle can continue for generations

This is how South Africa could unlock its agriculture growth potential

Unlocking the full growth potential over the long run will require policy interventions in agriculture and cross-cutting government departments

Ramaphosa’s panel calls for end to coal, but who’ll fund it?

Like unfinished flyovers in Cape Town, global climate finance and domestic demand often don’t meet up

Scrutiny and robust debate are healthy for our courts

Every judgment in favour of the government is not an indication of a captured court. The fact that we may argue about findings publicly shows how far South Africa is from, for example, Turkey’s recent human rights abuses

Oh joy, my lockdown food is on its way

The pandemic dates us all and has changed us all. Our Netflix and Uber Eats profiles are proof

We owe it to our children to bridge the digital divide

Ubiquitous internet access will improve social cohesion and economic inclusion

Zweli Mkhize and the art of money recycling

The former health minister’s ‘close associates’ laundered cash from the R150-million Digital Vibes ‘heist’ in boxes

Editorial: We have all shielded powerful abusers

How many R Kellys are we harbouring? It’s a difficult question for all.

South African politicians must urgently address childhood stunting

Chronic malnutrition is ruining the future for thousands of children

Responsible artificial intelligence means responsible use

AI cannot be responsible itself, but there are ways to ensure decisions made by AI are not discriminatory

Urgent need for the world to reinvigorate rules-based multilateralism

The system needs to be more open and inclusive to give young people, civil society, the private sector, academia, and others a spot at the table

Separate marriage laws marginalise queer people

The law must recognise, respect and protect individuals’ right to give expression to their culture, traditions and religion in their marriages

Is B-BBEE an anchor for democracy?

Empowering the poor should be what underlies every debate and policy adopted in South Africa

Child marriage is a negative coping mechanism for millions of girls

Many people do not see it as a crime, but rather a tradition they should follow without question. Regular school attendance can keep girls out of harm's way