Mad scientists in DA unleash racial distrust

The party has alienated the black electorate by failing to silence the racism in its ranks

Why South Africa’s electricity blackouts are set to continue for the next five years

South Africa is once more experiencing periodic power cuts. These typically take the form of scheduled supply interruptions, for two to four hours a...

Charlotte Maxeke: A woman of firsts

In 1902 she fought for emancipation, including that of women, and was the first black South African to graduate with a BSc

A debt-equity swap will save SAA

Keeping the airline going is worth it for the jobs and related businesses that will be affected if it goes down

Heavy-handed police must respect the right to protest

The charge of public violence was intended to deter street brawls but is being used to punish protesters and discourage dissent

What connects the M to the G?

The Ampersand connects the M to the G. We leave ‘when-we’ Weekly Mail nostalgia and financial strain behind and focus on the now

Response to the falsehoods about the M&G in Sanef’s media ethics and credibility report

Media houses holding each other to account is essential to a working democracy, but false claims serve only to undermine that goal

The ‘Ever Given’ budged – but not Ace

It’s time for major shifts in local politics, given the DA’s lacklustre efforts, the EFF’s faux workerist pose and the ANC’s factionalism

Traditional recruitment is hurting young job seekers, not helping

Businesses should focus on developing the type of talent they need because those ‘unicorns’ they are hoping to recruit are just that – fictitious

Non-profit organisations are critical to redressing structural causes of poverty

But thousands of their success stories remain undocumented, their value unmeasured

Home sweet home is more than a trite expression

Buying local sugar allows black farmers to sustain their own families and others

Editorial: Whistleblowers need our protection

Those who tell the truth should be cared for by the law, but they aren’t

Asian South Africans: Time to fight back

Anti-Asian hate is as ancient as eugenics, as prevalent as racism towards black people and as entrenched as white supremacism

Khaya Sithole: Board directors are meant to sing for their supper

Current cases make it highly debatable whether those in the boardroom know what they’re doing

Europe to support global green deal

Meeting the new 2030 emissions-reduction target will require an estimated €350-billion of additional investment annually. But this figure pales in comparison to the costs of doing nothing

Long-term solutions needed for South Africa’s higher education

Government must lead, but organised labour and business must play their part in tackling youth unemployment and upskilling the youth, so that the coronavirus crisis can be turned into an opportunity

US cannot afford to alienate murderous crown prince

With the US announcing its ‘recalibration’ of its relationship with Saudi Arabia, it remains to be seen whether the oil-rich kingdom feels cowed

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