On the campaign trail

Louise Redvers travelled to Zambia ahead of the elections to find out what's at stake and what ordinary Zambians think about their country.

Arms deal probe: Q & A with Andrew Feinstein

News that a 'commission' was paid to a SA defense consultant has the Hawks investigating the arms deal once more. We speak to an expert.

M&G God Edition radio advert

Every Easter the M&G tackles the issue of religion. Listen to our radio ad ahead of the God Issue hitting newspaper stands on Thursday.

O’Regan on media freedom

Listen to the keynote address by former Constitutional Court Judge Kate O’Regan, delivered at a conference interrogating the rights and responsibilities of African media at Wits Journalism on Wednesday March 09 2011.

Bono speaks to Nic Dawes

Listen to the indepth conversation between U2 frontman and activist Bono and <i>M&G</i> Editor Nic Dawes on a range of issues.

Stiglitz lecture

Full podcast of world renowned economist Professor Joseph Stiglitz, sharing his thoughts on climate change, its effects on the global economy and SA.

Pik Botha exclusive

Pik Botha speaks to us about the joys of retired life, how the National Party was more media-friendly than the ANC is today, and his one big regret.

SANEF Media Freedom

Promotional advert for SANEF Media Freedom campaign.

Literary festival: Nic Dawes’ keynote address

Editor-in-chief of the <i>Mail & Guardian</i> Nic Dawes delivers his keynote address on the current media landscape and the threat to our media freedom, which marked the opening of the 2010 M&G Literary Festival.

Proposed media tribunal

<i>M&G</i> political reporter Mmanaledi Mataboge engages press ombudsman Joe Thloloe in a conversation about why self-regulation by the media is preferable to a media tribunal, as is being proposed by the ANC.

Celtic Rumours

Every week, we choose a great song that says something about what it means to be South African. Artist: Celtic Rumours Song: Slow Rain

Tumi (featuring Zubz) – Usain Bolt

This song appears as a hidden track on the Tumi's album Whole Worlds (2009)

Fistula — The Return of the Hordes of Mordor

Eighties punk-rock-heavy metal fusion band makes its comeback into mainstream music, with a desire to return rock to its former drugged glory.

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