Google zooms in on Prado’s masterpieces

Connoisseurs of early modern smut know that somewhere in Hieronymus Bosch's 16th-century <i>Garden of Earthly Delights</i> there is a nude figure.

MySpace, Google team up to pull more users

MySpace is teaming up with internet search leader Google to extend MySpace's reach and counter the expansion of their common rival, Facebook.

Meet YouTube’s self-made superstars

Four years after YouTube was founded it is still some way short of making money for its owners.

Ethical hacking course

Does teaching computer hacking skills at university boost net security or set up students for a life of crime? asks Jackie Kemp.

Little white email lies

Experts have long known it is easier to lie in writing than in real life, where deception is made more difficult by physical prompts.

New Firefox claims download record

The new version of the Firefox browser was downloaded more than eight million times in its first 24 hours of release.

Flickr founder’s exit marks end of a web era

Stewart Butterfield, who with his wife Caterina Fake created Flickr, used his resignation letter from Yahoo! to embark on a flight of fantasy.

Apple unveils new iPhone with faster web, GPS

Apple has unveiled a new version of its popular iPhone built for high-speed wireless networks with faster internet access and more features.

Will new iPhone upstage its competitors?

Apple on Monday unveiled a new version of its popular iPhone built for high-speed wireless networks with faster internet access and more features for business users.

Watch out for Hong Kong’s websites

Hong Kong websites are the most likely to hit visitors with unwanted ads, viruses and spam, research from an internet security company has found.

France to give €99m to search-engine project

France on Tuesday won European Union approval to give €99-million to several companies hoping to build a European rival to United States internet search giant Google. The EU executive says this helped fill a funding gap for something that might not otherwise win financial support.

EU hits Microsoft with record €899m antitrust fine

The European Commission fined Microsoft a record €899-million on Wednesday for failing to comply with a 2004 antitrust ruling against the United States software giant. The fine comes on top of the €497-million that Microsoft already had to pay after Europe's top antitrust watchdog found the company guilty in 2004 of abusing its dominant market power.

A road map to going mobile

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Going Mobile, the latest in the Hitchhiker series by South African communications expert Arthur Goldstuck, aims to help its readers choose a mobile device and -- more importantly -- how to get the most out of it.

Sharp introduces 3D computer screen

Hoping to spur a 3D revolution, Sharp Systems in the United States introduced a new flat-panel computer monitor on Monday that is designed to deliver eye-popping images without the need for special glasses. Though a handful of lesser-known companies have produced stand-alone 3D displays for the medical and scientific industries, Sharp's new 38cm LCD 3D display is the first to also target consumers, analysts say.

‘Screen your calls for deception’

A Thai software company claims to have created a programme for Nokia cellphones that can tell whether a caller is telling the truth or not. The controversial programme, created by, is available for free downloading on the company's website and can be easily installed on some of the relatively common garden-variety Nokia cellphones.

For goodness’ sake, get a cat

They foul your virtual living-room floor and go for walkies across your desktop. But cyberpets are no substitute for the real thing. Conversing with a cat or dog may seem dotty to some, but it's not as crazy as trying to reason with a machine. Yet, according to a recent overseas poll, one in seven computer users “often talk” to their PC.

It’s not about the watch

So you ask yourself: what on earth am I going to do with a USB flash disk watch? I need my watch to tell the time. I need my watch to wake me up in the mornings, what now with the USB? But it's brilliant if you think about it. Where better to store your most treasured or secret Word documents, pictures or sound files than behind the hands of your watch, strapped to your very own wrist?

Don’t touch that maggot! It’s evidence

Bugs have become the new cadets in the crime war as forensic entomology provides crucial evidence in court.