MAIL & GUARDIAN: Special Reports

Eureka Mills: Traditional unbleached stoneground flour

The company’s vision is to create a natural bread and flour culture that changes the way consumers eat and bake

Easy and affordable is the key to healthy meal prep during Covid-19

Vitality dietitian Terry Harris shares her tips for managing mealtimes while we stay home, as well as discounts from Vitality’s new HealthyDining partners for healthy meals selected by their nutrition team

Dietary fibre in bread can boost wellness

Dietary fibre cleans the gut, improving health and preventing diseases, and eating brown bread can provide you with part of your daily fibre requirement

Noni Godole: Healthy eating need not be expensive

'We must reclaim our heritage and start eating right again, reclaim our relationship with the soil, with nature'

The Galaxy A52 and A72 make innovation accessible to all

The new Samsung Galaxy A series enables everyone to experience awesome technology at a price that suits their needs

The quest for renewable and sustainable energy

South Africa already has several biomass production plants, and is investing in more solar and wind farms

World TB Day 2021 — lessons from our Covid-19 response to reach the END TB Targets

Many of the innovations that were crafted for the response to the Covid-19 pandemic have relevance for TB

Ekurhuleni: rebuilding a people-centred post-Covid economy

Economic development on 7.5ha of land around OR Tambo airport is being stimulated in sectors such as food processing and jewellery

Southern Africa Trade And Investment Hub Scope Of Work Deputy Director: Contracts, Procurement, And Grants

The position requires substantial work experience in the field of procurement, grants, and contracting

Cable theft, vandalism and load shedding: What’s affecting your internet connectivity?

Copper line theft has a significant impact on connectivity, and it costs the telecommunications sector millions of rands every year

Retirement planning is a necessity

There were a number of financial health lessons that South Africans could benefit from that the Covid-19 pandemic revealed

Mécanisme Africain d’évaluation par les Pairs

Le rapport du MAEP cherche à donner des réponses basées sur des preuves face à la crise de la COVID 19

Machine learning: A lifeline for big water users

Industry is rapidly realising that digitisation offers genuine opportunities to boost water efficiency, reduce wastage and contamination, and increase profits

WWF in Namibia seeks a Wildlife Advisor

The successful applicant will co-ordinate, nurture, and manage WWF’s increased role in transboundary conservation efforts focused on wildlife and community conservation

Africa expected to start recovering from Covid-19 economic damage in 2021

But the continent is not out of the woods and experts have called for a comprehensive debt restructuring mechanism for Africa

Top Achievers

So many things have changed, and these had an impact on the overall learning experience of almost all learners

African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM)

The APRM report seeks to facilitate evidence-based policy responses to the Covid-19 crisis and to enable information sharing

How are we feeling?

Our mental wellbeing (or lack thereof) will be the looming public crisis of the years to come

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