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Special Reports

Towards inclusivity and integration

There is a need to educate people about the property industry and get more into the market

Settlements minister cracks the whip

Tokyo Sexwale calls on summit delegates to help to deracialise the residential space in the country

Training and education central to quality

Estate agents are grappling with many issues, including how to create a credible, professional industry.

Transformation excites administrator

New board to address issues regarding training and certification requirements.

Samsung Galaxy Note: A great alternative

The new Samsung Galaxy Note could unseat Apple from the top of the most-desired list.

Wrapping up the web

There are many ways in which Kickstarter is inspired and brilliant, and there's at least one way in which it is not.

Smartphones: The good, the bad and the ugly

A technophile looks at the smartphone platforms of today and predicts what the future looks like.

Tech Factor: Microsoft readies the lifeboats

Software giant plans to morph into a services company, writes Alistair Fairweather.

How to beat the hackers

Jon Tullett shares some online security tricks that will keep the web wolves from your door.

Success breeds success

N'taba River Lodge is a three-time recipient of funding from the IDC's tourism special business unit.

IDC wants an adventurous future

Shifting its strategy from investing in the conventional, the IDC is now investing in niche, adventure, sports tourism and community-based projects.

Limpopo’s domestic tourism plans

Limpopo province offers a great many tourism activities and opportunities that take advantage of the region's natural heritage.

Rural projects are top priority

A new focus on projects byt the IDC that benefit their surrounding communities is paying off.

Tourism prospects on the up and up

Tourism remains a key component of the South African economy, despite the turbulence and uncertainty over the past four years.

IDC eyes African opportunities

Developing tourism projects outside of SA seems incongruent with the Industrial Development Corporation's mandate of developing local industries.

Favourable terms for project loans

The tourism industry is a notoriously capital-intensive sector that requires access to funding, preferably from someone with an appetite for risk.

Community comes first in tourism development

The travel business can boom -- and benefit local development -- if entrepreneurs take advantage of funding offerings.

Clear economic goals are essential to education’s success

A teacher asks some pointed questions about our education system