Watch: The Big Africa Debate

The series is an interactive platform for policy-makers, civil society and academia to discuss and debate the challenges and opportunities for Africa.

Meet the Author: Gerald Kraak

As part of the Meet the Author series Gerald Kraak, author of Ice in the Lungs talks about his book.

Meet the Author: Devan Pillay

As part of the Meet the Author series...

Meet the Author: David Fleminger

As part of the Meet the Author series...

Meet the Author: Chris Cocks on Out of Action

Author Chris Cocks talks about his book Out of Action.

Meet the Author: Chris Cocks on Fireforce

Author Chris Cocks speaks about his book Fireforce.

Meet the Author: Adam Habib

As part of the Meet the Author series, Adam Habib, co-editor of Racial Redress and Citizenship in South Africa, talks about the book.

Malema on money matters

ANC Youth League president Julius Malema took a swipe at the media following recent reports of an extravagant lifestyle. Watch his response to allegations.

Jozi music video

The official soundtrack for Jozi, with the colourful music video shot on set.

Jozi movie trailer

James is a successful comedy writer and has a good career. There's only one problem -- he lives in Jo'burg and is gradually losing his sense of humour.

Soccer City: An insiders’ tour

The <i>Mail & Guardian</i> took an insiders’ tour of Soccer City stadium in Johannesburg. This was our chance to explore the areas the ordinary soccer fan won’t see -- the players’ change rooms, the view from the VIP areas and the other side of the players’ tunnel.

Vaal Dam floods

The Vaal dam floods have submerged houses, washed people away and left officials praying for a break in the rain. The <i>M&G</i> took a look at the mayhem.

Inside the Central Methodist Church

The recent suspension of Bishop Paul Verryn has caused a small media storm. While he has been praised for offering a sanctuary to the homeless, the safety of women and children and the conditions at the church have been widely criticised.

MSF report from Haiti

Surgical teams of the international medical charity Médecins sans Frontières (MSF) are continuing to work round the clock to treat victims of the devastating earthquake in Haiti.