Spain shafts Western Sahara to win Morocco’s favour

Relations between the two allies soured but their recent reconciliation has serious implications for Morocco’s neighbours, especially the Sahrawis

Smart bra aims to quicken breast cancer diagnosis

Nigerian Kemisola Bolarinwa used ultrasound technology to develop a smart bra that enables the early detection of breast cancer

Three reasons the United Nations cannot intervene in Russia’s war on Ukraine

These are the veto power of the Security Council, major powers ignore the UN and the UN secretary general cannot favour either side in the war

The global resolve to fight Covid shows we can do the same for climate change

The way in which countries worked together and marshalled resources to address the pandemic shows that big challenges can be addressed if there is political will

Investing in nutrition is a crucial step in improving children’s rights

Extending the child support grant into pregnancy will play a vital role in combating stunting and improving the prospects of children in South Africa

Putin’s war is damaging the developing world

The rise in oil and food prices owing to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is hitting poorer countries the hardest

International Court of Justice orders Russia to suspend Ukraine invasion

Ukraine has asked the court to take provisional measures ordering Russia to suspend the invasion

Conscious leadership: The truth is now on sale

As we sit on the brink of the fourth industrial revolution, the theatre of war is still very much a part of our species, and the truth remains both illusive and subjective

Zelensky hints Ukraine, Russia peace agreement now more ‘realistic’

Zelensky urged his beleaguered compatriots to fight on against Russia's vastly larger military, even as he suggested the conflict would end in a negotiated settlement.

Virtual money has been around for centuries

Barter, long thought to be our first means of financial interaction, only appeared recently

UK eyes up Covid-19 vaccine donations to slash £140m of foreign aid

The UK is set to count its excess Covid-19 vaccines as part of its aid budget, taking money away from other projects

Refugees: The fallout of all wars

In World War I, millions of people fled Germany and millions fled when Germany occupied their countries; in Ukraine, it’s estimated four million will flee; and around the world there are 30 million refugees

Understanding the war in Ukraine

The US is more concerned with inflicting pain on the Russians than helping the Ukrainians, according to a Kyiv-based journalist

Breakdown: The companies that have exited Russia

After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, more than 300 companies have halted operations or exited the country

Roman Abramovich among seven oligarchs sanctioned by UK

Abramovich announced last week that he was selling Chelsea, after buying the English Premier League side in 2003

African feminism can be an instrument of social, political and economic change in the fourth industrial revolution

Activism with a feminist vision can effect political change and the feminisation of the work agenda can bring about economic change

Asian markets fall and oil extends rally as Ukraine war rages

The crisis comes just as uncertainty was rising owing to surging prices caused by a spike in demand for oil, tight supplies and pandemic-induced supply chain snarls, among other things.

Women’s unpaid work results in time-poverty which reduces gender equity and women’s economic empowerment

Women are thus forced into lower-paying jobs, leading to limited economic productivity and growth of national economies