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US move marks defeat for White House

The Bush administration suffered a humiliating diplomatic climbdown over Iraq this week as it presented a draft resolution to the United Nations, asking for military and financial help to rescue it from the ballooning human, financial and political costs of the occupation.

UK inquiry: The heat’s on Blair

Geoff Hoon, the British Defence Secretary, last week appeared to undermine Downing Street's carefully crafted defence for the Hutton inquiry when he insisted that key officials in No 10 were intimately involved in the ''naming strategy'' that led to the unmasking of Dr David Kelly.

Drugs deal ‘not viable’

Recriminations have erupted over an international trade agreement to provide cut-price copies of life-saving drugs to the world's poorest countries. According to trade analysts, the deal will be unable to provide the quantities of drugs needed to combat the world's growing deadly infections.

Uncovering the truth

It was called the Athletic Club but what went on in its basement in the San Telmo district of Buenos Aires has no place in a sporting manual. About 1 500 young men and women considered opponents of the military government in Argentina between 1976 and 1983 were tortured and murdered there.

Sovereignty, not security, is the issue

''My time here could come to an abrupt end,'' Sergio Vieira de Mello, the UN's special representative to Iraq, commented just three weeks ago as I sat on a sofa in the Baghdad office that last Tuesday became his tomb. He never seriously imagined he would be an assassin's target.

Many suspects, but no clue as to the culprit

As FBI agents launched an investigation into the bombing of the UN headquarters in Iraq, Paul Bremer, the US's top civilian administrator, highlighted three groups of suspects -- Ba'athist supporters of Saddam Hussein, members of the Iraqi Ansar al-Islam organisation, or foreign Islamic militants.

Mars up close and personal

August is proving an unforgettable month for amateur astronomers as they turn their gaze on Mars, now at its closest to Earth since Neanderthals walked our planet, a proximity of this kind last occurring nearly 60 000 years ago.

UN Baghdad headquarters blasted

A huge explosion rocked the headquarters of the United Nations in Baghdad on Tuesday, leaving several people injured -- including Sergio Vieira de Mello, the UN special representative in Iraq -- and at least three dead.
  • Former Iraqi vice-president captured
  • Anti-war protesters face jail in US

    Anti-war activists who visited Iraq before the United States invasion have discovered that they could face up to 12 years in prison and -million in fines for violating a pre-war travel ban.

    US captures Bali bomb suspect

    The White House last night announced the capture of a man described as the mastermind of the Bali bombing: al-Qaeda's chief representative and operational planner in south-east Asia.

    Bergman archive reveals a vision grounded in torment

    He may be regarded as one of the greatest filmmakers of all time, but Ingmar Bergman had a pretty dim view of his own talents as a young man. He was, he says, a ''useless'' actor. His writing was simply ''too flowery''.

    The sting that netted a dealer

    Suspected arms dealer Hemant Lakhani's deal of a lifetime was doomed from the start. Posing as a buyer from Somali, an undercover FBI agent led Lakhani into an elaborate sting operation that ended on Tuesday with his arrest.

    The day the sky exploded

    Fifty-eight years later, using recently discovered large-scale Japanese maps, sophisticated computer models and new radiation measurements, scientists have completed a painstaking reconstruction of events in Hiroshima.

    Judicial inquiry starts into death of weapons expert

    British government weapons adviser David Kelly was a superb scientist whose work helped uncover Saddam Hussein's secret germ warfare program, said a witness at a judicial inquiry on Monday into Kelly's suicide.

    Send in the clones

    The latest mammalian baby clone is a pretty Halflinger foal called Prometea, born to an Italian research institution on May 28. It took more than 800 embryos and nine would-be surrogate mother mares to arrive at just one foal, which may or may not lead a normal life: it will take a couple of decades to discover the answer to that.

    Non-violent civil rights protests revived

    No riot. None dead. That could have been the headline for the day after the verdict in the trial of police officer Jeremy Morse at the airport courthouse in Los Angeles recently.

    Bali bomber gets wish to die a martyr

    ''I want a martyr's death,'' Amrozi bin Nurhasyim (41) told reporters from his cell a week ago, forecasting that hundreds more militants would take his place. He will face a firing squad for his part in the worst terrorist attack since 9/11.

    Finallly, George Plimpton to pen his memoirs

    George Plimpton, the author, actor and literary patron whose countless famous friends have included Ernest Hemingway, Robert Kennedy and Warren Beatty, has agreed to write his memoirs.

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