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Iraq rearming for war, say defectors

WEAPONS from Eastern Europe are being smuggled through Syria into Iraq, as Saddam Hussein builds up his defences in anticipation of a United States-led assault, according to three Iraqi officers who have fled to Europe.

Versace treasures found in a ratty recliner

Detectives on the trail of ,7-million in stolen Versace jewellery thought they had a break in the case when they got a warrant to search a Manhattan storage room - only to find a cheap, ratty green recliner.

Kabbah looks to rebuild shattered Sierra Leone

Sierre Leone President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah looked on Monday to rebuild his civil-war shattered country, after winning landmark elections.

Al-Qaida on videotape

CNN began airing excerpts on Sunday from a cache of videotapes acquired in Afghanistan that purport to show al-Qaida terror training, bomb-making and poison gas experiments on dogs.

Daunting task awaits million Afghan refugees

Some one million Afghans have now flocked back to their homeland this year in what is set to be the biggest return of refugees ever seen.

Bicycle bomb wounds seven in Afghanistan

A bicycle bomb aimed at a vehicle carrying Nato-led peacekeepers exploded on Monday east of the Afghan capital, Kabul, wounding at least seven Afghan civilians, some seriously, police and officials said. The remote-controlled bomb was set on a bicycle left on the side of the main road from Kabul to the eastern city of Jalalabad and detonated at about 9.30am.