12 million mines are terrible legacy of Angola’s war

A strange ''plant'' grows at the end of a stake on the deserted road among the acacias ? a red triangle bearing a white skull with the words in Portuguese ''Danger, mines.''

An atom bomb on your plate

Spanish chef Ferran Adria, once described as ''the Salvador Dali of the kitchen'', and France's ''nouvelle cuisine'' guru Michel Guerard were holding a tete-a-tete in the Spaniard's El Bulli restaurant on the Catalan coast.

Fresh suicide blast in Israel

A Palestinian attacker blew himself up outside a nightclub in Tel Aviv early on Friday in the fourth suicide attack since Sunday.

Saddam’s Tripoli bolt-hole dismissed as ‘fiction’

Iraq's tightly controlled state press has found room for two outlets, albeit run by President Saddam Hussein's elder son, which provide Iraqis with news they don't get from other local media.

Blood on the ice

The world's most notorious bloodbath is about to begin

Humans have run up a hefty overdraft, says WWF

The human race has run up a massive overdraft in its use of natural resources, according to a report released by the World Wildlife Fund.

Leni Riefenstahl marks 100th birthday

Controversial documentary filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl turns 100 on Thursday with a gala birthday party attended by some 200 guests at a historic hotel in a Munich suburb.

Opposition leader promises to return to peace process

As a young officer in Israel's army, Amram Mitzna was so disgusted by Ariel Sharon's handling of his country's 1982 invasion of Lebanon that he handed in a resignation letter, saying he could no longer serve under the then-defence minister.

Going home to hunger and death

Doctors working with returning refugees have discovered people with an almost forgotten disease, scurvy

Suicide bomber blows up bus in Israel: 10 dead

A bomb tore apart a packed bus in northern Israel during the morning rush hour on Sunday, killing at least 10 people and wounding more than two dozen.

Germany doctors back-up patient care with the ‘Net

No respectable medical clinic survives without modern computer equipment any more. But when patients left hospital they generally have had to do without high-tech care.

Mandela slams US again

Former president Nelson Mandela on Thursday again condemned the United States' belligerent stand on Iraq, saying there was ''no doubt'' that the US stance was a threat to world peace.

Iraq rolls out the welcome mat

Iraq's invitation to UN chief weapons inspector Hans Blix to visit Baghdad has put the United Nations in a difficult position.

Beware the martyr

Ever since he was confined to his Ramallah headquarters, Yasser Arafat ? the world?s most exalted political prisoner ? has been making it clear he is prepared to die for his cause

Beware, Mugabe

As the United Nations preparatory commission met this week in New York to set the International Criminal Court in motion, the human rights crisis in Zimbabwe continued to worsen ? sparking fresh enthusiasm for the prosecution of President Robert Mugabe and his inner circle.

Researchers find proteins that may block HIV

Researchers studying people who are resistant to HIV have found a group of natural proteins that seem to inhibit the progressive infection of the virus that causes Aids, a finding that could lead to new therapies.

September 11 in numbers

Everyone knows 9 and 11 and their mournful association. Other numbers, too have meaning. They speak of the magnitude of that day, the tumult of the year.

30 years later, fresh dirt on Watergate

Thirty years after the Watergate break-in scandal that led to president Richard Nixon's 1974 resignation, the tools used by the burglars to break into and wiretap the Democratic party headquarters at the Watergate hotel complex were exposed to the media.