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Seven tech companies to be showcased to potential investors at summit

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Following President Ramaphosa’s recent appeal for more investment into the country, seven South African-founded tech companies will be showcased to potential investors at the upcoming SingularityU South African Summit 2021. Five thousand people are expected to attend the much-anticipated event, which takes place from 12–15 October online. 

The investor showcase is a new addition to the popular summit that is set to empower South Africans and Africans with the latest insights from over 200 of the world’s leading local and international speakers, regarding exponential technologies and innovation across a number of fields. Investors who have an appetite for start-ups embracing disruptive business models and exponential technologies are expected to attend. 

The tech companies being showcased to investors are:

Africarare: This exciting new start-up brings an entire new Metaverse marketplace showcasing the best of African creativity. Africarare is a 3D virtual reality immersive experience that resides on Ubuntu land in Virtual Africa. In the future, using the $UBU Coin, land can be bought, traded, kept or used for various experiences such as art exhibitions, games or social experiences. This platform will provide a unique new home for African innovation and exhibit art collections from South Africa and around the world. 

Mila Gallery at Africarare

Beenova: Beenova AI helps companies change behaviour and radically improve their diversity and inclusion culture by measuring micro-moments of prejudice. Founded by Jos Dirkx, Beenova AI featured on Peter Diamandis’s Abundance360 and has garnered global interest given their emphasis on scalable 21st century learning models. Dirkx is a global CEO, award-winning speaker and author with a focus on the future of work, learning, diversity & inclusion, and conscious leadership.

Data Prophet: DataProphet is a leader in artificial intelligence (AI) that enables manufacturers to move towards autonomous manufacturing. Their AI-as-a-service proactively prescribes changes to plant control plans to continuously optimise production without the expert human analysis that is typically required. As recognized by the World Economic Forum, the DataProphet PRESCRIBE system has helped customers worldwide, with pre-emptive actions, reducing their cost of non-quality by an average of 40%. This company understands manufacturing and that real impact is achieved with pre-emptive actions because real-time is often too late.

Hypernova Space Technologies: Hypernova is building infrastructure for satellites in space, using a new approach to technology. Founded by a team of experts in satellite technologies, engineering and business, their first go-to-market is to provide propulsion systems that enable mobility of small satellites. Hypernova’s proprietary system of metal-eating engines will unlock true scalability, mobility and sustainability of the in-space ecosystem. From space tugs to space debris and space mining, Hypernova has an outsized vision. Their first propulsion demo is booked to fly on a SpaceX rocket in 2022.

Resolute Robotics: The world is moving forward, and now more than ever we need to give future generations every opportunity to leverage the power of modern technology and thrive in the digital age. At Resolute Robotics, the aim is to do just that. Students in schools (Grades 1-12) and tertiary institutions can enjoy their courses as part of their school curriculum, as an extramural, or as part of the online academy. Snapplify is at the forefront of “edtech” solutions in Africa, and specialises in enabling digital learning for individuals and institutions via the largest digital educational marketplace in Africa. Thousands of schools, colleges and universities use Snapplify every day to teach, learn and access educational content. Snapplify is the digital content partner on one of the widest-reaching digital interventions in Africa — a project that delivers technology and e-learning to public schools in Gauteng province.

Voxcroft Analytics: VoxCroft delivers the fastest and most reliable insight on critical security threats and changing global dynamics through a blend of artificial intelligence, data science, and unparalleled human expertise — providing a powerful decision-making edge to shape public policy, protect your business and respond to crises with confidence.

Yellow: Yellow’s purpose is to make life better for everyday African households. Using technology to meet basic needs, Yellow’s Solar is an end-to-end last-mile sales force network solution. Their Ofeefee system automates recruitment and training, delivers gamified incentives, with an e-Commerce and task management engine to turn the informal into the exponential.

Speakers at the SingularityU South Africa Summit will share the latest insights on topics such as 

leadership and investment, artificial intelligence, crypto/blockchain, biotechnology, future of banking, scaling, ESG, 5G, cybersecurity, scaling, social impact, food security, education, NFTs (nonfungible tokens), gaming, virtual and augmented reality, robotics, 3D printing, space, digital marketing (SEO, Online Ads, Social) and DEFI (decentralised finance). The full programme is now available for ticket holders to select which keynotes, panel discussions, sessions and workshops they would like to attend.

“The companies being showcased at the upcoming SingularityU South Africa Summit show just how much technical prowess, thought leadership and dexterity there is in the South Africa tech landscape,” said Mic Mann, Co-CEO of SingularityU South Africa. “We are thrilled that we are able to showcase these remarkable companies to potential investors,” added Shayne Mann, Co-CEO of SingularityU South Africa.  

The SingularityU Exponential South Africa Summit 2021 will be hosted in collaboration with Deloitte and MTN. 

To join the SingularityU community of changemakers, or to book, visit:

Ticket prices:  

Just In Time. R9 700. Book Before 7 October 2021

Late Mover: R10 625. Book before 15 October 2021

Payment dates cut off at midnight on the above dates.

All prices include VAT.

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