/ 22 October 2021

Founder and CEO of Yoni Titi Human Capital Evolution talks about building a brand

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It takes a lifetime to build a brand and reputation but it can take a minute to break that brand and reputation, quoted Human Capital Evolution founder and chief executive, Yoni Titi.

In a podcast, the businesswoman spoke to broadcast journalist Rofhiwa Madzena to discuss brand perception, digital presence and safeguarding personal and professional reputation as tools to building a business that South Africans can bank on.

Growing a successful business meant building and preserving a brand. According to Titi, this means carefully examining how your business is perceived and received by the people, identifying what you stand for and being known for that.

She said a unique brand shows that your business has been tried and tested in its space but it still remains strong, forming and building respect in its target market.

The podcast explains how social media platforms can be used to build, grow and preserve both personal and professional brands. Titi said the two should be separated on social media but stay aligned to each other to prove professionalism and mutual branding.

But this does not mean that every social media platform is key to brand promotion; it depends on the target market’s preferred platform or platforms.

She explained that entrepreneurs also needed to carefully and brutally examine every potential business partnership, as associating with other brands may either grow or break a growing business.

“There are some brands that as an entrepreneur, personally, I wouldn’t work with. And that’s based on the values of that organisation and its reputation. [New] entrepreneurs tend to jump for any business, because they want to make money,” said Titi.