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/ 26 March 2008

More than 20 000 Wall Street jobs at risk

More than 20 000 people are forecast to lose their jobs on Wall Street as the credit crunch bites into business at financial institutions over the next two years. New York’s Independent Budget Office, a non-partisan agency which scrutinises the city’s finances, estimates that profits on Wall Street fell by 80% during 2007 to ,2-billion — the lowest level since 1994.

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/ 15 February 2008

Power cuts hamper Harmony’s production

The world’s fifth largest gold miner, Harmony Gold, said on Friday that its production for the March 2008 quarter would decrease. ”In the light of Eskom’s electricity-supply disruptions and with mines operating only at 90% of Harmony’s previous power supply, the company’s production for the March 2008 quarter will decrease,” it said in a statement.

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/ 25 December 2007

Help for immigrants divides US congregations

He doesn’t speak Spanish and has no idea what America should do about illegal immigration, but Reverend Larry Kreps knows he’s now on a list somewhere of people willing to help illegal immigrants in a time of crisis. Months ago, a member of Kreps’ suburban Ohio congregation was looking for a place where local Hispanics could meet.