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/ 30 May 2008

‘Ocean fertilisation’ or extreme pollution?

When some multinational companies dump chemicals into the sea, they call it ”ocean fertilisation”. This practice is near the top of the agenda at the United Nations conference on biological diversity in Bonn that ends on Friday. Practically all developing countries want the conference to approve a moratorium on ocean fertilisation.

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/ 7 May 2007

UN urges world to slow warming after grim reports

The United Nations urged far tougher action to fight climate change at a 166-nation climate conference on Monday, the first after reports warning of growing damage from droughts, floods or rising seas. More than 1 000 government delegates at the May 7 to 18 meeting will try to find ways to break gridlock in international negotiations.

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/ 30 October 2006

Pollution by industrialised countries still rising

Greenhouse-gas emissions by the industrialised world are still rising, with the United States firmly entrenched as the biggest polluter. In an annual update on global-warming pollution, the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change said that, compared with the benchmark year of 1990, the 41 industrialised countries it monitors trimmed their emissions by 3,3% by the end of 2004.

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/ 11 July 2006

Annan speaks on changes to UN Security Council

United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan said on Tuesday certain ”major powers” should play a bigger role in the world body, but declined to name favourites for any new permanent seats on the Security Council. ”I have always maintained that no reform to the UN will be complete without a reform of the Security Council.,” Annan said.

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/ 19 February 2006

Special tool needed to remove nasty worm

Computer users need a special removal tool to rid their computers of the Nyxem computer worm. The tool seeks out and neutralises the worm, says Anja Hartmann, of the German Federal Agency for Information Technology in Bonn. As the pest can deactivate anti-virus software, that software should be reinstalled.

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/ 9 November 2004

Man receives $370m tax bill

A man in Germany received a tax bill for the equivalent of -million after filing a tax return for income of just  000 dollars, a court heard on Tuesday. The bill was the result of a simple typographical error by the Federal Tax Office in the Bonn suburb of Sankt Augustin, a judge at Bonn State Court heard.

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/ 9 June 2004

Snow White heads for world memory project

Germany has nominated fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm to join the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation’s Memory of the World list to preserve the gothic stories adored by generations of children, officials said on Wednesday. Memory of the World is an initiative to defend the world’s cultural and documentary heritage.