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/ 14 May 2008

What do you want your phone to do?

What do you want your cellphone to be able to do? A Massachusetts Industry of Technology professor put that question to about 20 computer-science students this semester when he gave them one assignment: design a software program for cellphones that use Google’s upcoming Android mobile operating system.

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/ 9 April 2007

‘Electronic paper’ edges toward reality

”Electronic paper” has long been hyped as the future of newspapers and books, but products like e-books have been slow to take off. That may soon change, say executives involved in the pioneering technology. E Ink is seeing a surge in orders for its portable, foldable displays that mimic conventional paper to carry such books.

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/ 22 June 2006

Tendulkar tipped for return to the top

Sachin Tendulkar has been tipped for a swift return to the top of world cricket after smashing his way to a century in his first match since undergoing shoulder surgery in March. Suggestions the Indian legend is no longer quite the player he was looked wide of the mark as Tendulkar displayed his full range of shots for the Lashings World XI.