Svea Herbst-Bayliss

Injured Boston bombing suspect awaits charges

Prosecutors have prepared criminal charges against a student suspected in the Boston bombings as he lay wounded, unable to speak and hospitalised.

Boston Marathon bombing suspect ‘may never speak’

The surviving suspect remains in serious condition in hospital, unable to speak due to injuries to his neck and tongue.

US poised to bring more insider trading cases

Fresh from laying charges in the largest hedge fund insider trading case in history, investigators are poised to bring further ''significant'' cases.

US Senator Kennedy, liberal giant, buried

Senator Edward Kennedy, the liberal champion of the US Senate who carried on the political legacy of his slain brothers.

Khatami calls Hezbollah a symbol of resistance

Former Iranian President Mohammed Khatami said on Sunday Hezbollah was a symbol of Arab resistance and that groups or nations fighting oppression could not be equated with terrorists. Khatami said there was a difference between those who ''strive for the territorial integrity of a country and those who kill only to kill.''

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