Ben Berkowitz

Injured Boston bombing suspect awaits charges

Prosecutors have prepared criminal charges against a student suspected in the Boston bombings as he lay wounded, unable to speak and hospitalised.

Warren Buffett reveals prostate cancer condition

Berkshire Hathaway chief executive Warren Buffett has revealed he has stage one prostate cancer, adding his condition was not life-threatening.

A long history in Penn State child abuse case

Until a few days ago, Jerry Sandusky's face smiled down on students from a mural in downtown State College, the home of Penn State University.

Ferocious Hurricane Irene batters New York

Hurricane Irene battered New York with ferocious winds and driving rain early on Sunday, shutting down the US financial capital.

LulzSec hackers to disband after last data dump

The Lulz Security group of rogue hackers announced it was disbanding on Saturday with one last data dump.

Dutch pilot held over Argentine ‘death flights’

Spanish authorities have arrested a pilot on charges he flew ''death flights'' for Argentina's former military rulers, a spokesperson said on Wednesday.

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